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The Creation Story Behind the Nike Hypervenom II! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

The Creation Story Behind the Nike Hypervenom II!

Hypervenom through Prototype

As with any new boot releases, there is a creation story behind the final product. There are so many steps in the process that we never see and a lot of details that are never revealed to fans. But Nike is bucking that trend by feeding us with a ton of information and a backstory for the Hypervenom II series.

It provides to be thoroughly enlightening – what better way to understand a new silo than checking it with how it came to be? There are four filters that Nike use when creating products – Fit, Touch, Traction and Style Innovation. Here we walk through the four filters, with some serious in-depth info from the designers as well as detailed sketches used during the creation process.

First thing to note is that it was May 2013 when the original Hypervenom was released to market. Since that time, the Nike team has been developing the next version of the boot, with many prototypes created and the team pushing the parameters of what was possible. In total, the boot took nearly two years to create.

To note, the boots will be available May 27th from


Hypervenom2 - FIT

Nike’s design team focused on making Hypervenom II the definitive boot for deadly agility. “We started very simply, with members of our team wearing white socks and spray painting them while their feet were flexed in various football-specific movements,” says Phil Woodman, Nike Football Footwear Designer. “As they unflexed their feet, the unpainted white lines identified prominent flex grooves. That exercise quickly escalated into visits to Nike’s Sport Research Lab to consult with our scientists on how the foot can best move with the boot for ultimate agility.”

Nike Flywire was then added through the upper in an effort to secure the foot down against the soleplate. It provides a locked down feel while ensuring your foot moves symbiotically with the boot.


Hypervenom2 - Touch

To achieve the level of anatomical synergy the team envisioned, Nike Flywire is strategically mapped into Hypervenom II with additional siping added in heavy ball-contact areas for enhanced touch. The Flywire is integrated into an ultra responsive loft mesh of varying density levels, a departure from the uniformly dimpled upper of the original Hypervenom. The new mesh design offers a spring like effect that provides a dampened feel while controlling the ball and some extra cushion as you strike the ball to reduce full impact.


Hypervenom2 - Traction

Hypervenom II is designed for attacking players who are deceptive by nature on the pitch – capable of moves in any direction and usually making the one their opponent least expects. The boot had to be crafted to support those kinds of movements, all while delivering a strong sense of style.

“I feel confident wearing the Hypervenom II. I’m able to change direction, accelerate and evade defenders without hesitation” – Neymar Jr.

In response to player feedback, the sole plate of Hypervenom II is comprised of a softer compound than the original for added comfort. The split-toe design and agility traction pattern unleash a quick response for sudden changes of direction. A stunning wrap-around graphic adorns the plate and sidewalls of the boot.

Style Innovation

Hypervenom2 - Style


The concept of style actually plays into the performance of these boots for several reasons. First, the mid cut collar adds an unusual visual effect but is there to keep the foot locked down. The Dynamic Fit collar reveals a pop of underlying color when flexed, adding style to the performance substance. The overall design is aggressive, bold, powerful and edgy – like the players who wear it.

Hypervenom players are notorious for the agility to execute directional moves in tight spaces, zigging when others zag. That zig-zag capability meets literal interpretation on the functional sidewalls of the boot. The actual Wolf Grey upper – although received with mixed reaction from fans – was selected because of Neymer. He is seen to be the Wolf, and a predator that takes risks and any open opportunities.

“While the sidewalls of the boot definitely catch the eye, they serve a distinct purpose in cradling and transitioning the foot from the plate to the upper. The sidewalls are neither as firm as the plate nor as soft as the upper, providing a medium that makes the shift between the two surfaces more comfortable while keeping the foot solidly centered on the plate with no rollover.” – Nathan VanHook

The eye stays of the boot follow a similar zig-zag pattern and are offset to the lateral side, allowing for a larger medial side strike-zone free of lace interference. The laces themselves are imperceivable from inside the boot to eliminate the possibility of distraction or irritation.

Your Reaction

Along with this release, this post should give you all the info you need to know about the boots. Now, we want to hear what you have to say about the boots, from the overall visual design to your expectations on performance. What are your thoughts and are you interested in a pair?

Again to note, the boots will be available May 27th from

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  1. Once an adiZero player, always an adiZero player.

    • You afraid to try other brands out?

      • I'm not afraid. It's just that I love Adidas too much to move to other brands, even though I did consider that option. The story of how I became an adiZero player is a funny one. Care to know? Also, what about you? Are you trying the boot?Sent from my iPhone

        • I wish, don’t have the money. Always like trying boots from different brands when I can get my hands on them. What’s your story?

          • It was 2.5 years ago when I went for a trial for my school's soccer CCA. In preparation for that, I went and bought an Adidas F10. That time, I had no brand allegiance of any kind, and I bought that boot only because it was blue. Then, somehow, it got stolen. That happened before the World Cup. I followed the World Cup very closely, and when soccercleats101 ran a feature, along with, that featured the adiZero as the highest scoring boot in the World Cup, I decided to go for it, and since then, the brand allegiance and my love for the adiZero started and continues o this day, even though the boot has been retired.Sent from my iPhone

  2. Love reading the back story behind released like this.

  3. Anyone else think that Nike try to hard? Adidas make better boots.

    • how can you "try too hard"? Its a boot. Nike are aiming to make the best boot they can make, which is what the market and professionals want. Are you implying that adidas dont "try too hard", and make better boots because of it?

      • I'm sorry i have to disagree. look at history of nike football and where they came about. saying nike try to hard? really don't understand your point here. nike football exploded into the football history in and out of the world cup, and its not just in football. any game! nike will always be bigger than adidas. fact. Im not saying i don't like adidas because they have good products also. but if anything id say adidas always try to catch nike up. I mean printing animal faces on football boots haha. #justdoit!

  4. There Is No Way Adidas Is Making Better Boots Then Nike I Have The New Deceptive By Nature Nd I’ve Never Wore Such a Complete Boot As That

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