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adidas MESSI15 Released – The Only Exception To The Rule!

Adidas Messi15

Last week, adidas introduced to their latest boot revolution, and it involved two types of player; Control and Chaos. On release, many questioned where Lionel Messi stood in this new-age equation. Well, the answer is simple – there is one exception to the rule, a player that can’t be defined by either word because he transcends the game. Of course, that is Messi and he has a new pair of boots – the adidas MESSI15.

Ahead of this weekend’s UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin, adidas has delivered a unique pair of boots that serve Leo Messi’s unique talents. With unmatched skill and uncontrollable ability, he needs the ultimate weapon on his feet. That’s why adidas has created a silo designed solely with one player in mind. Revolutionary boots for the greatest of all time. The first installment comes in this Matt Ice Metallic colorway and it is designed with a fresh set of tech specs.

To see what the entire Adidas Messi15 range looks like, head to soccer.com.

Adidas Messi15 In His New Boots

Messi15 Upper

Messi15 Heel Design

The adidas MESSI15 has been designed with Leo Messi himself to maximise his unmatched talent. A selection of totally new product innovations makes this the perfect weapon for the Argentinian.

  • The new messiTOUCH material which makes up the upper has an x-ray surface for lethal grip, stability and foot-fitting comfort.
  • The unique new messiFRAME provides a locked-in fit, stability and maximum traction.
  • The messiPRINT offers new, round forefoot studs, which alongside the messiGAMBETRAX combine to provide a dynamic stud configuration and outsole that delivers explosive movement for the dynamic player.

As you’d expect, there is a ton of new technology and innovation included on this release, and Messi will be showcasing exactly what they have on offer at the very highest level. They are set to debut during the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin this Saturday (June 6th) when Barca take on Juventus. We will be there to see the boots up-close and in action, so expect to see more updates about the new silo this week!

You can find the Adidas Messi 15.1 AG/FG right now at soccer.com.

Messi15 Side View

Messi15 Soleplate

Adidas Messi15 Traction

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  1. a.k.a new adizero. at least it shows adidas haven't totally gone mad and thrown their old adizero line away. messi probably saw the x and said f-off. so adidas gave him his own customisations.

  2. I might get the previous adiZero on sale and then because I am and will always be an adiZero player, I might go for this boot next year.

  3. I mean that is a little better, but what pro players in need of a speed boot is going to wear something with a messi logo on it???

  4. Nashwantsboots

    Like adidas style on these. Oh yes, I already wanna pair. Messi already wearing these in practice?

  5. Hey Bryan should do a comparison between the f50 adizero, new messi 15, ace 15, and X 15

  6. the soccer.com store has them weighing in 8.2 inches. Isn't that a little heavier for a speed boot?

    • I'd place 8.2oz in the "balanced" speed boot category, where there is more focus placed on traction and acceleration! But yes, it is slightly heavier than our current day offering of speed boots. Personally, I don't think that is a bad thing!

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