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Nike Hypervenom Phantom II – Boot Review

Nike Hypervenom II Review

Along with the tagline “Deceptive by Nature“, Nike introduced the second generation of the Hypervenom. This latest version features a much more specific purpose, with a plethora of dynamic pieces to improve performance for attack minded players.

Switching from an old to new silo can be tough for players, but with such radical modifications, this one might prove an even more intricate challenge. The concept of the original Hypervenom to the Hypervenom II hasn’t changed, as they are again geared toward explosive attacking players who want an extra level of agility in their game. Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Edinson Cavani – this is just a small example of the type of player that will take them to pitch next season.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a pair in testing for the past few weeks. There are certain aspects of the boots that players will have different opinions on. In fact, there are certain areas from our experience that you might find slightly controversial – but that is part of our review! Find out full details on what they have on offer below.

Find the current available Hypervenom line-up at

Initial Reaction

We’d been expecting the Hypervenom to be released for a while, but the inclusion of a mid-cut collar was something that only popped up close to the actual release. Overall, the boots are very different to the original – there is pretty much nothing that connects both other than the name and primary focus. In essence, it is like testing a completely new silo.

Nike Hypervenom II Heel Design

Hypervenom II Heel Counter

Slipping the Boots On

With that mid-cut collar in play, one of the initial questions is “how easy are they to slip on?” Like all other Nike mid-cut collar boots (Superfly and Magista Obra) it is simply a case of slipping your foot in and using the outer material to pull the but off. Taking them off requires a little extra work, but there is nothing complicated about the process.

Because these have a more spacious fit, something we cover in more detail below, they are actually the easiest of the mid-cut collars to slip on and off.

Breaking In and Comfort

As you’d expect, Nike has gone to great lengths in ensuring the boots offer adequate comfort and feel right out of the box. From the decently flexible soleplate to a very comforting padded insole, you can take them out of the box and bash them right into some game action. In saying that, I don’t recommend taking them into game action without first offering yourself the opportunity to see how the mid-cut collar feels. This goes for those of you that have worn a mid-cut collared boot in the past. There is a difference with these as Nike offer a slightly different approach on the heel. The actual collar is also looser from first wear, so taking them out for one or two practice sessions before games is my recommendation. Comfort will not necessarily be an issue, instead it is a case of ensuring the boot suits your style and understanding what exactly you are getting. From my experience, these boots will not suit everyone – as I’ll detail a little more below.

How do they Fit?

Here is an important section to tackle early on in the review. Normally, we would leave this for a little later but there are important notes here that could immediately factor into your decision with the Hypervenom II. Basically, this is a wide fitting boot, with plenty of space offered through the entire foot. Through the forefoot, you get ample breathing space to allow your foot to move, and the mid-cut collar also has a wider cut to accommodate players that need a little extra wiggle room. It is not the type of boot that will immediately suffice the widest fitting players, but it is the most suitable option in the entire Nike collection right now. And when it comes to those of you that have a narrow or even medium foot shape, it is wise to stay clear of this particular range!

Nike Hypervenom II Forefoot Touch and Control

HYpervenom II Flywire plus Lacing

Nike Hypervenom Lacing System

Upper Design and Flywire

Nike Flywire was then added through the upper in an effort to secure the foot down against the soleplate. The concept is simple;  provide a locked down feel while ensuring your foot moves symbiotically with the boot. It’s positioning is pretty standard, running from soleplate up around the lacing system ensuring the boot tightens up around your foot as you tie the laces. The only one exception sits on the inner portion of the boot, just above the last lace. Nike place a shorter zig-zag implantation to reduce the amount of Flywire used through the strikezone.

The Flywire is integrated into an ultra responsive loft mesh of varying density levels, a departure from the uniformly dimpled upper of the original Hypervenom. The new mesh design offers a spring like effect that provides a dampened feel while controlling the ball and some extra cushion as you strike the ball to reduce full impact. Right across the forefoot, there is also unique fold lines implemented across the forefoot for enhanced touch.

The real nice thing about this design is that there is plenty of material to ensure a comfortable and confident touch and strike on the ball. These are a great boot for placing shots with, looking to curl from outside the box toward one of the posts.

Mid Cut Collar – My Experience

First off here, we all have different experiences with new technology included in boots. Nike has decided to provide a sense of enhanced fit and support around the ankle line of the Hypervenom II with the inclusion of a mid-cut collar. This is my experience, it is negative and as a result very much worth documenting to ensure players know what they could experience.

On this boot, Nike has transitioned to an off center heel cut on the mid-cut collar as opposed to the straight line cut of the Superfly and Obra. The purpose of this asymmetric cut was to free any tension on the Achilles tendon. Unfortunately in my case, I found the uniform compression around the heel resulted in too more pressure on my heel and as I played, produced a tired feeling in the area. Every time I’ve worn them, my Achilles seems to tire, something I’ve never experienced with other boots. To test my theory on the mid-cut collar being the problem, I actually took out an old school pair of CTR360 Maestri III and I didn’t experience the same issues. I also haven’t experienced the same feel with any other Nike mid-cut collar release. It could be that there is an element of the cut that simply doesn’t adjust to the specific shape of my heel, but I’m offering it as a warning for other players that might be considering a pair. Personally, I’m more of Phinish type of guy.

If you have worn the Hypervenom II, let me know in the comments what your experience has been like – whether that is positive or negative!

Hypervenom II Agility Soleplate

Nike Hypervenom II Visual

Soleplate and Traction

Everything about these boots is geared toward attack natured players, those that like to make quick turns and use reactionary movement as part of their game. As a result, the soleplate of Hypervenom II is comprised of a softer compound than the original for added comfort. The split-toe design and agility traction pattern unleash a quick response for sudden changes of direction. Each of the conical studs (6 toward the front and 4 on the heel) feature a low profile and are pretty narrow in nature. Thus, they are perfect with quick entry and release from the surface players look to push away.

Visual Designs

There has been a very mixed reaction to the release colorway, with some fans loving it and others bashing what Nike has created. The upper features a Wolf Grey underlay design, with that unique Total Orange added for a high profile contrast. Hypervenom players are notorious for the agility to execute directional moves in tight spaces, zigging when others zag. That zig-zag capability meets literal interpretation on the functional sidewalls of the boot. A stunning wrap-around graphic adorns the plate and  and up along the sidewalls of the boot.Personally, I like the look and I’m pretty confident a majority of players feel the same way.

Hypervenom II FG Boots

Critics Notes

First thing, they are not designed for players with a more narrow foot – please keep this in mind. The second thing is the experience I had with the mid-cut collar along my Achilles. Having tested these, they will have to go into the collection station,  not to be worn by myself again due to the performance characteristic. I’ll be sticking with the normal ankle cut Phinish as my version of choice in this range.

If you are looking for a pair of Hypervenom II, find the current line-up at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The concept of the boot is simple; they are geared toward explosive attacking players who want an extra level of agility in their game.
Category: Agility
Weight: 7.75oz.
Would I Buy Them: Because of my experience with the mid cut collar, that would be a definite no (especially for the price. Instead, I’d personally stick with the Phinish.
Player Position: Considering the list of players signed up to wear them, these are a definite option for attack minded players who want something dynamic and creative.

Boot Score

Visual Effect
Agility Category

HIGHLIGHTS: The concept of the boot is simple; they are geared toward explosive attacking players who want an extra level of agility in their game.

User Rating: 3.34 ( 37 votes)

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  1. Bryan, unreal I was waiting for your review as I had the same problem! Achilles were killing me, first time ever I’ve had problems with them. Wonder if anyone else encountered the same. Any idea how to solve the problem so I can wear them again?

    • I have them and posted about them below. Mostly toe and under forefoot blisters since day 1 (3-4 weeks in now). my friend wore his last week for first time and got blisters on both heels/achilles area and has been wearing sandals since. pretty bad.

  2. I tried on the turf version of these (w/the midcut collar). I was pumped and on a binge, ready to buy new shoes, but after trying them on, I realized there was nothing special about these. They area on the forefoot didn't feel special at all, I guess I was hoping for something more akin to the T90 IVs or something, this just felt like a vapor's upper would feel like. I didn't have them on but 5-7 min, so can't comment on the Achilles issues, for me they were simply underwhelming. I thought the same thing with the Magista Orba, maybe I just miss the CTR360 & T90… could be biasness, but I am not a fan of Nike's new lineup.

  3. Are the phantoms 2 and phinish exactly the same other than the collar and the graphic design on the soleplate?

    Im a huge fan of the phantom 1 and I dont see myself wearing a collar football boots so Im considering either stay in the phantom 1's or switch to the phinish.

  4. Coming from wearing the first venoms & recently the Nike premier I’m very disappointed in the the hypervenom 2 phinish. The fit is def wider and the upper is a lot more stif or harder than the original. I understand the originals would tear like crazy on AG but these are definitely an entirely new boot. I’ve been getting blisters like crazy due to the fit if an 8.5 fitting way different than the last version. most likely will end up going back to Nike premier which are amazing. I was looking forward to a comfy AG sole plate boot but these are not it.

  5. How would you compare the traction of the adizero f5o to phantom 2's?

  6. can you possibly cut off the collar?

  7. I have the hypervenomx turf version of these cleats and they are great. The hypervenom x hasthe same upper as the phantom II. I've been through many boots (tiempos, adizero f50s, predators etc.) and these are my favorite. Takes some getting used to but once you get used to them they are incredible.

  8. So I bought these boots last week (turf/field version) and when I tried them on they honestly felt like the most comfortable cleats I had ever worn!!!! Not to mention they are asthetically beautiful. The same day I bought them I played a pick up game on turf. No need at all to break these bad boys in, they are literally ready to go out the box; feeling like I’ve always worn them.

    However!!!!!!! About 15min of actual play my opinion began to change. I started feeling a constant rubbing on a specific area of my right achilles tendon. As u can imagine over time this became excruciating, taking me completely out of my game and causing me to attempt to adjust the boot at every opportunity. Of course after the game I had a blister.

    Thinking the boots needed to be broken in I wore them a few days later with the same result!!!! Constant rubbing in the Achilles area forcing me to play gingerly.

    After taking a better look at the boot I can see that this issue may never go away without altering the boot itself. The way the heel area is designed I see the flaw that resulted in my specific discomfort.

    1. The interior Achilles support area is cut too low and then stitched to the mid-cut collar. The rubbing I feel that caused the blister is as a result of were they decided to do the stitching; had they made this transition higher up the Achilles area this wouldn’t be an issue.

    I spent about 245 of these boots so it sucks that I’m going to have to make some type of alteration in order to remedy the situation. Never had to do anything like this for ANY other boot before. Hope this helps someone

  9. I have a narrow/medium foot and they fit perfectly on me. No slippage or unnecessary space whatsoever.

    • I just ordered mine and am worried about this. I have medium feet, but fit vapor perfectly. Don't know if these will fit properly ..

  10. Hey mate i purchased the hypervenom 2 Neymar edition $390.00 nz premier version.
    I trained for 30 mins and i had a blister on the right foot! The stitching on the right side by the heel/archilles is not stitched proparly and has a hard stitching lump theat is small but annoying enough to create a blister. I took them back to the shop and tried on more sizes and found they all had the stitching mistake. The alegra quesada Neymar boots are now returner and im waiting for the new blue CR7s.

  11. i bought these boots, not happy at all! As soon i put them on they were really comfortable but then 15-20 mins in to game my feet started hurting alot especially under the big toe bone near the middle of my feet, also started hurting around the outside of my feet underneath like i was getting a cramp! Im really disappointed with these! I should’ve sticked with Vapour 10 or got the superflys

  12. Not a good cleat! Originally unboxing them and just eyeballing them they looked amazing, and initially when I first put them on they felt normal…so I thought anyway. I have worn these cleats for 3-4 games now and have continuous blisters on my heels. At first I had figured it was just because I had to break them in and let them get used to my feet. But that is not the case, the way the heel is arched and rubbery they do not make for a comfortable game. Its obvious these cleats are not made for everyone. I spent a decent amount of money and expected to get my moneys worth out of them but it looks like I will be switching to a different brand like Adidas because nike cleats aren't for me, I will not put another pennies worth to any nike cleats. I'am so put off by these cleats. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR RECEIPT, you'll probably end up taking them back!

    • These cleats absolutely SUCK!!!!!!! They are trashy and sooooo uncomfortable I can't even stand to wear them. They rub the junk out of your heels and toes and after 30 minutes I literally can barely keep them on b/c they hurt so bad. Do NOT buy these. Look on ebay for much better cleats, like the mercurial vapor XI, or the hypervenom phantom 1.

  13. I just bought my daughter the Nike Jr Hypervenom Phantom II FG and decided to wear them the same day, game day…Horrible mistake!, the poor girl started limping 15-20 minutes into the first half and ended with blisters on both heels the size of a quarter. They are too expensive for the lack of comfort. Gorgeous shoes, but high price she paid tearing both heels and ruining her game.

  14. 2nd Generation Hypervenom, Nothing but Hype!

    I am a 4 year varsity high school soccer player, who has won conference 2 years in a row. I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old, and never in my entire soccer career had I purchased such garbage boots.

    The 1st generation Hypervenoms were a huge success that even famous brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. made them his signature boots. I absolutely loved those cleats with a passion so I decided I was going to “upgrade” to the second generation. The 1st gen had been great and I wore them until they ran out. As soon as I popped on the 2nd gen shoes, I noticed there was a huge difference. These new hypervenoms are insanely stiff, but even then I thought they’d be fine after breaking them in. It has been an entire year and they still feel as stiff as when I first got them. Your first touch becomes trash because of how stiff they are, you can’t even play comfortably because all you feel is the shoe pressing your toes all together making it impossible for you to move them freely. Imagine your teammate sending you a beautiful air lob and failing to control the ball causing the opposing team to counterattack and score a goal. That happened to me quite frequently after buying these shoes and the feeling of shame and embarrassment was the worst.

    That year I bench warmed like I never had before. I’m assuming Neymar had the same issue because he only used the 2nd generation boots for about 5 games and then switched completely. I also had to switch to Messi’s Pureagility 16+, and these were a better fit. The way the Pureagilitys are made make it easier for people with wider feet like mine to play comfortably. My toes were never being pressed together, and they were very light allowing me to sprint even faster with the ball on my feet. They weren’t hard to break in at all and my ball control with these is perfect.

    Although I totally hated the 2nd Gen Hypervenom cleats, I do recognize there was certain advantages to having them as well. One of these advantages was that the cleats are unrealistically light. If they weren’t pressing my toes all together they would feel like I was not wearing anything. This to me as a attacking center mid is very helpful because I did feel lighter on my feet and it was not hard for me to stay on my toes. These boots are also very popular because of how nice the colorway is. A lot of people wanted these cleats and many would ask me about them.

    My point is that these Hypervenoms are not for everyone, especially if your foot is wide like mine. These shoes were made for people with slimmer feet which is why my experience with them was terrible.

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