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The ASICS Boot You Should Be Checking Out!

Asics DS Light X-Fly in Yellow

I can guarantee there are at least a dozen people reading this right now that have at some stage heard me say that the ASICS DS Light X-Fly K is one of the best boots on the market. It might sound like a bold statement, but anyone that has worn a pair will attest to the comfort and class performance provided by the buttery soft K-Leather upper that sits across the forefoot.

A few months back, I passed on my original pair (used in testing) to a new owner and was in need of a new pair. Well, what better time to get them than when a fresh colorway hits the market. This version mixes class with a fresh combo of vivid colors for a very modern take on a “must have”. Officially listed as a very simple Yellow/Purple, there is an air of sophistication about this release.

Check the below video for full details on what you can expect from this version of the boot.

Currently find this colorway at soccer.com.

So what is so special? It starts with the K-leather upper and the strategic stitching that creeps across the forefoot. First, the actual leather feels buttery soft and folds under your touch. Then the layered stitching adds several padded regions that offer a quality feel on the ball. It reminds me of the stitching seen on the adiPure III or the Stadio Primato. Sometimes the right type of stitching can take a boot to another level. What is different about these is the fact that it leaves a slightly odd, raised straight lined padded region in the center of the boot. For me, it is what makes the boot look a little more unusual and it was probably the primary reason I discredited them before I actually ever had the chance to test a pair.

DS Light X-Fly Upper

DS Light X-Fly

ASICS DS Light Tongue

DS Light X-Fly Heel

Then there is the soleplate and the stud design Asics employ. Each conical stud features 3 grooves that give it a sort of golf stud style design. I can’t confirm that this plays a role in a better level of traction, but what I can tell you is that the low profile of the studs produces a really stable feel and they are an excellent boot for chopping, cropping and turning on artificial surfaces. That is actually where I think these perform best.

When it comes to fit, they are very much true to size in length, while width wise they offer an extremely generous fit. Wide fitting players can definitely add these to the list of possible options, especially if you loosen up the bottom few laces.

DS Light X-Fly Conical Studs

DS Light X-Fly Soleplate

Weighing in at 7.2 oz, this is a definite speed boot, with a touch of Heritage thrown in. Asics has elevated their status by keeping things simple and producing a comfortable, efficient boot in a more stable package. Again, these are a personal favorite and a boot I highly recommend if you are on the market for something a little different and have a little extra money to invest in something new or different.

Retail wise, they are currently available with a $215 price-tag. Find them at Soccer.com.

What are you honest thoughts on this release and would you ever wear them? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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