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Cleatology – Anyone Ever Own A Pair of Tony Iammatteo Boots?

Tony Immatteo Soccer Boot Review

What do we know about these absolutely classy looking Tony Iammatteo boots? I’ll be honest; not a great deal actually!

These came into our hands about a year ago and I’ve been holding off posting about them in hopes of finding out some more. Where did they come from? An basement in DC, where they had been in storage for over two decades along with a whole host of other old school boots. Incredibly, they have held up really well and look like a boot in unused condition – maybe even brand new. What a find, right?

The materials used in the boot are of the highest quality. We can’t confirm the upper material, but it has the feel and smell of a traditional K-leather. Across the front of the boot, layered stitches was added to allow for some stretch in the material. The upper to soleplate has been firmly glued and there are definitely some smaller nails in place supporting a tight fit. Flip them over and you can see that a full bodied layer of stitching was also used to keep things locked in place.

The sole is very old-school, with a blast of low profile conical studs layering from front to back. There are 9 studs dispersed across the forefoot, with 4 sitting on the heel. That would make them ideal for FG or even HG surfaces. The tongue is oversized to add to the visual appearance, and there is also a additional piece of leather added to the heel sporting the “TI” initials.

Tony Iammatteo Boots Up Close

Tony Iammatteo Boot Tongue

Tony Iammatteo Logo

Tony Iammateo Leather Upper

What we do know is that the designer was an Italian born designer named Tony Iammatteo, who immigrated to Canada in 1955.

After founding Cristina Shoe Company in 1962, his artistic flare and passion for design was quickly recognized when Tony was awarded the Oscar for International Design in 1970, in Torino Italy. Cristina Shoe Company went on to become one of the most prominent and fashion oriented footwear manufacturers in Canada. Tony’s passion was not only evident in family, business and culture; he was also dedicated to his love for soccer and sports. Tony’s dream of promoting soccer to young athletes became a reality when he founded Les Castors de Montreal in 1976. He successfully organized many international soccer matches, attracting teams from both Europe and South America. Tony was also a founding member of La Federazione delle Associazione Molisane and the founder of Il Settimanale, a weekly Italian newspaper.

Now we are relying on you guys for any additional info. Anybody know exactly what these are or have some insight into Tony Iammatteo boots? If so, let us know in the comments. I’m hoping someone out there might have owned a pair at some point!

Tony Iammatteo Soleplate

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  1. I owned a pair of TI's! Arguably the best boot I ever owned. Got them in '83 or '84. Over $100 Canadian. Used to love smothering them with Dubbin!

  2. I am proud to say that I knew Tony Iammatteo very well. He was my father's closest school friend from Vinchiaturo, Campobasso, Italy where they were born and then immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tony Iammatteo was an amazing human being always ready to be there for his family and friends. It is amazing what he had created from a little town in Italy.

  3. I played for Montreal Castors in 1975.Team owner Tony Iammatteo gifted me a pair of his boots.I never wore them and still have them in the shoe box which was presented to me.Allan Hopes

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