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Adidas Reveal Their First Laceless Boot!

Rakitic with Blackout Laceless Boots

Today adidas shared some insight into the future of football footwear with the introduction of “Laceless”: soccer footwear innovation that will disrupt the game in 2016.

Taking inspiration from soccer players who like to express themselves on different surfaces around the world, Laceless is the latest in a series of ground-breaking innovations from adidas. Mesut Ozil, Ivan Rakitic, James Rodriguez and Oscar are among the adidas players to receive the first pairs.

Ozil with Blackout Laceless Boots

This blackout pair is just an introduction to what the three stripe has on offer for 2016 – when these will actually be released to market. The release version is sure to feature some sort of wild color design and will become a special edition release. It is also interesting to note that adidas has unleashed images and info about the boots well before bringing the boots to market. Maybe they are trying to ensure they are the first big brand to create a boot in this innovative style? Watch this space for more info!

Who is ready for some Laceless adidas boots, and can they pull off what many other brands have tried but failed to pull off? What do you guys think?

Oscar Blackout Laceless

Blackout Adidas Laceless Boots

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  1. But is this exactly new? I remember you reviewing a pair of Lottos that had the laceless technology and presented a few problems.

  2. When will the blackouts be released?

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