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Nike Tiempo Legend V - From Introduction to Electro Flare - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Nike Tiempo Legend V – From Introduction to Electro Flare

Nike Tiempo legend V Black

It is a boot that has rarely been seen splashed across the back pages or featured in most exciting boot lists. But the Nike Tiempo Legend V has clearly established itself as one of the most consistent and dependable boots on the market. If you have had an opportunity to experience a pair, you will understand what they are all about!

With the impending release of the sixth edition just around the corner, we wanted to pay a revisit to the current range. Although not the top choice of most Nike fans. they are a boot that offers optimal performance for the right owner. We see this as a final opportunity to show respect to this version and a reminder that you should probably look to pick up a pair before the remaining pairs disappear!

This Electro Flare colorway is available from soccerloco.

Tiempo Legend Boxed

Tiempo Legend V Heel Flash

The Electro Flare Tiempo Legend Design

This version was released as part of the recent Electro Flare Pack. From that pack, this is most definitely the most traditional style release. Nike decided to stick with an almost classic Black leather upper, adding a flick of Volt on the heel. The official colorway is listed as Anthracite, which is a shade just off black, with a slightly grey hue throughout. The images below show an accurate representation of the actual color.

Realistically, this is the type of colorway that defines what the Tiempo Legend V is all about. It holds a traditional styling with a little extra flavor that generates a modern feel.

Tiempo Legend V Stitched Upper

Tiempo Legend V Forefoot

Leather Upper Nike Tiempo Legend V

Visually, you gotta love everything about this version of the Tiempo Legend. It features that nostalgic Tiempo Dois stitching and the black leather upper looks very classy. The simple addition of that double stitch around the toes adds a dramatic effect that fans seem to really appreciate. It does differentiate them from other leather boots currently on the market. It also plays a role in how the boot molds across the top of your foot. The quilted style design keeps the material securely together, while dropping the shape right across your forefoot. As a result, they end up molding more naturally over time.

That only leaves performance, and thankfully we have already had an opportunity to test the Tiempo V. They are a classy boot that have a lot to offer, especially for midfield players that like to get on the ball and ping it around. Clean touch is one of the key characteristics of the boot. They have also become a big favorite for defenders and goalkeepers in the English Premier League, increasing their appeal to a wider variety of players.

Tiempo Legend V ACC

Nike Tiempo V Hypershield

Tiempo Flash Pack Heel

A new addition to this series is Hypershield technology, which blocks moisture for a snug fit that lasts and allows for a constant touch regardless of weather. This second layer of hydrophobic mesh ensures that the boot dries quickly and absorbs less water than previous leather boots.

If you ask any player who has worn them for a word that describes the boots, you are sure to hear things like “comfortable”, “dependable”, “secure” and “traditional.” They are all that and more. Here lies the perfect example of a brand taking a heritage style boot and updating it without losing the fundamentals of the range.

Finishing up with an important note on sizing, and this is the one area where they get a little tricky. I found that they fit pretty snug and as a result considering a half size up is recommended for a comfortable fit from first wear. The leather and that stitching does have some give over time, but initially it sits real tight against your toes.

Again, you can find this Electro Flare colorway at soccerloco.

Tiempo Legend V New vs Original

The Fifth Series – Introduction vs Electro Pack

When you compare where the Tiempo Legend V started and where it is now, things look very different. Starting out, Nike went with a little extra flash and bright colors to really capture the attention of fans. A metallic silver tongue really set these apart and gave the latest version a super clean appearance. It was their opportunity to splash the range to the market and basically say “here is the new norm.”

But, over time the feelings have changed and this latest version really does epitomize what you expect to see from a Tiempo Legend release. And if they end up being the last version we see before the next installment hits markets in December, it represents a fitting end.

There are still plenty of options available should you want a pair, make sure to check out the entire Tiempo Legend V Line-Up.

Tiempo Legend V Compared

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