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Adidas X15+ Primeknit “Court Edition” Review

X15+ Primeknit CT

As part of the recent Primeknit collection, adidas released a pretty explosive shoe for short sided play. Welcome in the X15+ Primeknit Court, a shoe that really is as chaotic as it’s naming convention! With winter weather kicking in, indoor soccer becomes the norm and for players that play on hard court or enjoy some futsal, these are a must check out.

The first thing to note is that everything through the upper, including the overall structure and material cuts, is identical to what you get in the X15+ FG release. If you were to remove the soleplate on both boots, you would simply be left with the same upper. With that in mind, when we talk performance, everything will also be the same.

We’ve had the opportunity to wear the X15+ Primeknit a few times and wanted to bring you some details of what to expect if you are intrigued by the prospect of owning a pair. It hasn’t been an extensive review, but the time wearing them was long enough to know what they can provide!

If you are interested in a pair, find them at

X15+ Primeknit Court Unboxing

Primeknit Design

Right out of the box, there really is something special about these. In order to create a boot that features knit material, adidas has added a 3D vacuum skin across the surface. This ensures the material is waterproof (if you decide to play some street soccer in the rain!) and has some additional durability properties. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually feel Primeknit because it has that covering above it. There is still a very natural feel while wearing them and the entire surface area is extremely pliable/soft to the touch.

The visual design created by the knit is extremely unusual. It appears like a multi dimensional criss-cross design, with the Vacuum cover featuring a depth illusion. If you look at them real close, you can also see a dimple style texture that is there to add some dynamic touch on the ball. It is very minimal, but offers to enough to provide a cleaner touch – especially if the ball is a little slick.

X15+ Primeknit Court Upper

Primeknit X15+ Court

X15+ Primeknit Court XCage

Turn to the side of the boot, and you get that once funky X-Cage paneling. I say “once funky” as it seems to have now become a natural part of the X15. The overall construction doesn’t have an obvious meaningful pattern, but its role it to provide additional strength through the midfoot. It is essentially the backbone that keeps the boot completely in check.

X15+ Primeknit Court Sole

X15+ Primeknit Court Traction

Traction and Soleplate

Traction – this is the one area of the boot that a lot of people are going to want to know about. My testing comes down to a session on an indoor hard court, and some kick arounds on the street outside my house. If you flip them over, you will notice two different colors covering the sole. Each plays a different role, with extra dimension and grooves placed through the solar orange panels for extra traction as you twist and turn. The black lined region feels like a very light sand paper, with minimal cuts creating a surface idea for quick deceleration. In other words, they are like mini brake pads that grip the surface as you look to stop at top speed.

Indoor and street soccer is always played at an extremely high tempo, so every little bit of added traction can only aid in how you perform on the surface. And for those wondering, it is all non-marking so it can be worn on gym floors.

X15+ Court

How do they Fit?

When it comes to fit, I found that they fit just a tad bit longer than I’d normally wear in boots. But given that they are an indoor shoe, a little extra space is definitely needed as you put your feet through extreme cuts throughout play. That little extra space gives your toes some breathing room and ensure they are not squashed against the front of the boot. My verdict if you order a pair: stick true to size unless you enjoy a super snug fit.

One other note related to fit comes via the built-in tongue design and that TechFit collar. The collar itself fits really well around the ankle and creates a secure feel. But for players that don’t like extra security through the midfoot, take into consideration the actual design. On either side of the tongue, Primeknit is used to create an enveloped fit, with material really hugging, in particular, the arch. Personally, I didn’t have an issue with these BUT that was partly due to the fact I’ve been testing several FG versions over the past few weeks. In other words, it is an area that might take some players a few wears to adjust to.

Should You Buy A Pair?

In terms of retail, the X15+ Primeknit is about the highest priced court style shoe you will probably ever wear! A $150 price tag is likely to put off a lot of players, it is a serious amount to drop for a pair of indoor style shoes.

With that price comes a completely new level of performance that makes them extra enticing to players who like extra flair. Everything about these oozes quality and they are a boot I’d recommend for serious players who are not on a set budget. If you are on a budget, add them to the “must try” list and keep an eye out for pairs that go on sale!

If you are interested in a pair, find them at

Adidas X15+ Primeknit Court

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  1. But You've Worn Two Pairs

    The collar on the PrimeKnit X is made of PrimeKnit. It is not made from TechFit, which I would think your extensive testing of two different versions of the X would have shown you.

    • Techfit is referenced as the replicated style of ankle cut, not the material! No where do I say the material is "made from Techfit."

      • TechFit is an adidas material that is used on the standard X. It is not, as you say, the "style of ankle cut." If that was the case, you'd think that you'd mention the shift to PrimeKnit in the collar, since this is meant to be a review. You're the "leading soccer cleat review website in the US," but it is still ok to admit a slip up. To err is human.

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