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The Flat Toe Boot Is Real – “Serafino 4th EDGE”

Serafino 4th EDGE

Don’t adjust your screen – this is actually a boot that has the potential to reach market in the next few months!

The brand is called Serafino and the boot is called 4th EDGE. The bizarre idea is to provide players with a 4th lethal kicking surface, other than instep, lateral and laces. Right now, there is a Kickstarter campaign in action, where Serafino is trying to raise funds to launch the boots. If you get involved and back the project for $134 (like 48 people have done to date), you could be one of the first players wearing a pair!

Rather than trying to talk you through the specifics of the boots, here is a brief synopsis of what they have on offer as well as the Kickstarter video that describe in better detail what they are all about. Plus you get to see players wear them in action. Harry Redknapp, who likes the added weapon of a harder toe, and Garth Crooks, who thinks strikers toe-poking the ball is where they will be most useful, are the high profile personalities drafted in to help with the fundraising campaign. As crucial a part of the game the big-toe punt is, I’m not sure that designing a boot just to compliment a hoofer is a very wise idea!

Give it a read, let the visual images and informal video run through your mind, give it a few minutes, then hit the comments with what you think of this revolutionary concept boot!

Serafino 4th EDGE in Black

The Serafino 4th EDGE:

  • Designed and researched through 32 prototypes over the last 6 years.
  • Now ready to be unveiled – and compared – and to defeat players using conventional boots not using Serafino 4th EDGE.
  • 33% increase in kicking zones over standard boots.
  • Has the 3 conventional surfaces, left side, right side and laces that perform every bit as well as any other boot on the market.
  • Supremely comfortable to wear that players believe to be safer and more comfortable than other boots available.
  • Helps protect footballers from ever more common metatarsal injuries that can keep players on the side lines for months at a time.
  • Plus, and a very big plus, it will turn you from a one-footed to a two footed player.

Uniquely the Boot has a 4th lethal kicking surface, our specially moulded toe to ensure you can kick with it with:

  • Complete ACCURACY,
  • More POWER,
  • Faster STRIKE (minimal back lift)
  • Complete COMFORT

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. 6 years….. They have been developing these for 6 YEARS and that is what they came up with?? Surely there was some drugs and alcohol involved during that time!!!!

  2. I know that Bryan asked me for my thoughts on the Serafino 4th Edge but they weren't suitable to print on a family website.

  3. Is the design ugly as sin? Yes. Do they look bulky and uncomfortable for control? Yes. But the design does have some merit and it may perform better than we think. Personally I do not see this helping on an FG field, but it could be good for futsal/small sided indoor where the use of your toes is a lot more frequent. Not a fan of the looks and not totally on board with the idea but they could be interesting if they get released.

    • great comment Tony and thanks for being open-minded!! Small side soccer on 3g and 4g pitches are right on the mark and already in the UK, players are giving rave reviews. I would encourage all footballers serious about their game, to pause, think, and then say hey, maybe these guys are on to something. The boot does everything a conventional boot can do AND allow you to kick powerfully, accurately and with no discomfort using the concave toe. It may not be for everybody – but watch this space for smart players taking us up on the 4th EDGE challenge

    • What a jealous person you are. Your comments reap of jealousy. Need I say more Tony!

  4. The guys taking shots in the video have no idea how to kick a ball correctly. Toe pokes are certainly useful in the right circumstances, but will never be as functional as learning to place the ball correctly. Additionally, this design seemingly detracts from using the toe to create backspin/chipping/etc… Really an answer to an unasked question.

    • Guys in videos are well trained. The rest of your comments are just assumptions; we don't really know what these things can do until we try them.

  5. Would these work as a re-imagining of the old straight-ahead boot used by American Football Kickers? The original shoes were / are incredible clunky and cumbersome.

    • My son is a straight on kicker in football. I would love for him to try a pair of these. They look very light compared to what he uses now.

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