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The Umbro Speciali Eternal and its Special Edition Box

Speciali Eternal

They are not currently available in the US, but those of you appreciate classically inspired boots are sure to appreciate an up close look at the Umbro Speciali Eternal. These boots were released earlier this year as the Double Diamond looks to compete against the likes of the Adidas Gloro and Nike Premier. Over the years we have seen many different faces of the Umbro Speciali, but its consistency has been a staple of its design and one of the reasons so many players still trust in them. This remake takes the brand in a more modern direction without losing those characteristics.

As part of the release, we received one of the very first pairs in a special edition presentation box. On arrival, a blue sash kept the box sealed together, creating an air of excitement about exactly what was is inside. Once flipped open, the first thing you find is a really sweet, high quality boot bag. I’m sure most of you will agree that it is an addition that is always appreciated with a new pair of boots!

Umbro Speciali Eternal Forever Leather

Umbro Speciali Eternal Review

When we talk boots, the focus immediately shifts to the lightweight soft leather upper, offering the supreme comfort and durability that the original became famous for. Umbro has ensured that it is a key feature of the Eternal. Right across the forefoot you get a classic stitching and a clean ridged appearance that graces the front of all top old-school boots.

In fact, when you look at everything across the upper, there is a serious sense of heritage and a connection with older model boots. They just have that traditional inspired look and feel that certain players still crave. Take for example the construction of the heel. You get a built-in, fully stitched leather heel counter that provides smooth protection.

Umbro Speciali Eternal Leather Upper

Umbro Speciali Eternal Heel Design

Where the real twist exists and takes effect is in the soleplate – check out the Wishbone. Umbro go complete modern with a flat white base and a supportive wishbone through the midfoot. From wearing them, I can tell you it makes the boot a little stiffer than you’d expect through the first few wears; expect that if you get a pair! I had the luxury of breaking them in slowly and that proved beneficial to both me and the boots! After several wears and as they loosen up, you get a real efficient old school boot with quality performance. One of the key characteristics of this boot is durability, so don’t expect the same type of performance that you’d get from a speed boot like the Nike Vapor X or Puma evoSPEED. Instead, they are all about being reliable and offering players a sense of ease about what they are getting for their money.

As per above, finding a pair is especially difficult right now and they are not readily available in the US. If you decide to hunt down a pair, make sure to verify your point of purchase!

What are your thoughts on this release and which would you choose; Speciali Eternal, Gloro or Premier?

Umbro Speciali Eternal Soleplate

Umbro Speciali Eternal Wishbone

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    How is the quality of the leather and boot itself compared to the Copa mundial and would you recommend over the Copa?

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