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A Deeper Look Inside The 3.6oz evoSPEED SL in Safety Yellow

Puma evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow

Since their release, the Puma evoSPEED SL has created quite a stir and a lot of interesting conversations. The focus point surrounds the durability and 10 game lifespan of the 103grams or 3.6oz boot. It is incredible that a boot can weigh so little, so it should come as no surprise that a boot like this won’t get you through even half a season.

But their intention is clearly focused on elite speed rather than durability – it even says it on the new disclaimer sticker on the soleplate:

A non-compromise lightweight proposition, this product is about speed, not endurance. But the moments it creates will last forever.

The latest colorway released comes in this Safety Yellow/Atomic Blue and it provides the best visual to date on what exactly they have on offer. Thanks to a little extra sunlight, we can see right into the translucent textile upper material and figured it would be a perfect opportunity to take a true up-close look at them.

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evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Review

evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Internal Support Cage

evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Forefoot

evoSPEED SL Up Close

It really is crazy how the boot is pieced together. Underneath that translucent upper is a complete support cage system that keeps everything held in place. You can easily see the lattice style criss-cross pattern by looking inside. And with sunlight on the boot, you really get a clear indication of just how thin the material used in the upper is.

I’m not going to lie, getting stood on while wearing these hurts a whole lot. It happened several times while I wore the Camo version. There is very little protection and you can see exactly why they are only intended to last 10 games! Note that the tongue also features the same construction.

Performance wise, you feel so light on your feet. Think about it, both of these boots combined weigh LESS than one adidas x15.1. For those that say there isn’t s difference when boots are these light should hold one of each boots in hand. Yes, you are correct in saying 1 or 2 ounces won’t make a difference, but double the weight is very noticeable on feet.

Inside the evoSPEED SL

evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Inside Cage

Inside the evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow

Something to note here, this boot is intended to be a premium release that are only worn for games. This is not a boot you will want to get you through a season or to use as your go-to option. Instead, they are an elite speed boot intended for the biggest games, when you want something just a little more special on your feet. Any criticism towards the lifespan and durability is valid, but there is a limited percentage of crazy folk out there who will embrace a short stint release like this. Good for them!

If this boot doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, Puma just released a brand new SL-S version, which features a more durable upper! The weight of the boot goes up slightly (from 3.6oz to 5.4oz, or just over 150grams) so you are not getting the lightest of the light. But you are still getting an elite boot and something that will take you deeper into the season for a more affordable price! It is definitely worth considering. Find the SL-S at

If you do decide you want a pair of evoSPEED SL, find them listed at

evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Heel Design

evoSPEED SL Safety Yellow Disclaimer

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