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What is the Serafino 4th Edge? (And Other Questions Answered)

Serafino 4th Edge

A few months back, you might recall we introduced you to a crazy new prototype boot in the form of Serafino 4th Edge. At that point, the concept boot was going through Kickstarter funding as the brand looked to increase development. Well, this week a real life pair arrived in, and they are just as crazy in person as you’d expect. Yes, that flat shaped box toe intended to provide a new way to strike shots is an actual, real thing!

Rather than harping on about different elements of the boot, I reached out to our Instagram followers for some question’s you’d want answered about them. It makes for the best introduction on what exactly they are. The response was pretty awesome, with a handful of the top questions featured below. If I’ve missed anything, hit up the comments and I’ll provide some additional insight.

Serafino 4th Edge Toe

jordaneisman Why?

The team that created the Serafino 4th Edge saw there was a void in the market for a revolutionary new product and have spent several years developing this final product. In their words, “the addition of the 4th EDGE rubberized concave toe area is what gives players a serious advantage over other players wearing traditional 3 sided boots, especially being challenged in dribbling, passing and anywhere near the goal. The natural forward kicking of the leg muscles combined with our 4th EDGE give superior power and in a flash of a second you can toe kick without any telegraphic take back of the foot. Surprise is definitely on the side of the 4th EDGE player.”

jonah_atwood_27 Do they actually function like a normal cleat?

Yes and No. Yes because it is basically a boot with a piece of rubber attached around the toe. So, they are comfortable and easy to wear,  but the toe area provides a completely different type of kicking motion.

dallenedwards Do they perform as well as other cleats/feel the same or is there noticeable difference?

In terms of general wear, they are the very same. Before they arrived, one of my primary questions centered around the toe region and how it was constructed. Well, without that rubber compound that sits on the forefoot, you’d simply have a regular old boot in your possession. In terms of fit and feel on foot, they are very much the same. When it comes to getting on the ball. things are very different.

mrs.higa What’s the front of the boot suppose to do exactly?

It is there to help with toe-pokes, theory being the flat region offers a type of performance (or “extra function”) you don’t get from any other boot on the market.

and_dyy How u gonna lob?

Another great question. You are going to want to get deep in under the ball. Is this possible? Not so much. But, the rubber toe has a compound design, where the bottom sits further away from the toe than the top. So, there is naturally an upward motion when you strike the ball.

jessepv10 How do these compensate for different foot shapes? And do you have to hit the ball dead on for the toe ball thing to work?

The actual fit is similar to regular style boots, so it is simply a case of figuring out sizing. From initial wear, mastering the function of striking the ball takes some time. There is definitely a period of retraining needed to perfect the motion of kicking straight on.

mitchellowens13 Toe bash ftw.

You said it best, buddy! Exactly what the majority of us were thinking.

The SC101 Reaction

Initial wear testing has pretty much confirmed most of my opinions about the boot. The fit well and are actually surprisingly comfortable. Serafino were keen to also promote how much protection is offered from the boots; “Safety is another important factor with the lighter boots being the principal cause of the huge increase in foot injuries. The 4th EDGE is intentionally triple padded for better protection and to help to prevent foot injuries.” They are not kidding! This is a pretty full bodied 10oz boot, with a very thick padding in key areas. You are going to be more protected wearing these boots than most other boots on the market – they are definitively not designed with speed in mind! In similar fashion to the initial Concave releases, there is a need to re-train in order to adjust to the type of performance on offer. Personally, I don’t have time (or a need) to re-train my style of kicking to a particular style of boot that is offered on, well, one particular style of boot! That is going to be one of the key issues the brand faces as they try to persuade players that their technology is the future. But in reality, I really can’t see them being around too long.

If you want to find out more about the brand, head to the Serafino website.

Otherwise, I’ll be offering more feedback on Twitter and Instagram over the coming weeks – make sure you are following along.

Serafino 4th Edge Flat Toe

Serafino 4th Edge Profile

Serafino 4th Edge Soleplate

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