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SELECT 2016 “Numero 10” Soccer Balls

Select Numero 10 Balls

Trying to find consistent quality soccer balls under the $50 price mark can be a difficult process for even the most educated soccer players. There are many options out there, it might seem tough to break it all down. One ball we have had plenty of positive experiences with is the SELECT Numero 10 series, so we reached out to the Danish brand in order to get a selection to feature. In their own words:

The Numero 10 ball has been around forever due to the touch, the perfect flight, and the strength of the material. Perfect for any budget and almost impossible to wear out. Numero 10 is our best selling soccer ball.

Right from that statement, their is high expectations on what the balls have on offer. Again, I’ve had prior experience with the Numero 10 and they’ve always offered quality performance when compared in their price category. So, from the beginning these fall into the category of recommended balls for under $50. Even so, there are a few important factors to consider about them before picking one (or several) up, including different outer casings. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect from both.

SELECT Numero 10 Neon Yellow

First thing to note is that there are actually two different, completely different styles on offer. Above is the Neon version that features a more contemporary graphic design. There are several different colorways available to chose from, so depending on your needs there is probably a ball that will suit. Right across the covering of this version, there is a light definition to help with touch and control. Each panel features a unique cris-cross style grooving that gives a little extra feel as you connect. Visually, it is easy to spot up close. But, to the touch it is surprisingly smooth. You can feel its presence, but the curve on each groove seems extremely blended. In turn, this creates a definite pop as you strike the ball, allowing it to really ping off your foot. The full line-up is available here.

Then below, you will find a much more simple classic styled version. Think of this as a cleaner ball that offers an old-school styling and a smooth leather like casing. There is no definition on the covering, so you are relying on the nature of the material to provide quality feel. The leather-like texture helps, ensuring you get a light cushion as you connect with the ball. As opposed to the more contemporary version above, there is a slightly squaishier feel to this version and that impacts how the ball pings off your foot. You will actually notice a little extra stick as you control the ball, something that a lot of players will enjoy. But you don’t quite get the same pop as you look to strike shots. Find this version of Numero 10 here.

SELECT Numero 10 Smooth

One player, one ball.

Yes, you could easily just sharpy your name on your ball, but for a more professional look that blends in with the ball, here is a very simple addition that SELECT place on the Numero 10 series!

It’s both important and expensive for every team to have good training balls. Now SELECT makes this easier– as the first in the USA – by introducing the Player’s Number-concept. On all of SELECT’s most popular Club and Training balls, we have implemented a white-on-black digital 88-panel. Each player can then with a black permanent marker ‘erase’ the white elements of the digital 88, and thereby create his/her own Player’s Number. Thereafter it’s very easy to recognize his/her own ball, and get it back home after training.

To finish up, it is important to note here that we are looking and comparing the Numero 10 here against balls that fall in price range. In that regard, they are great value and provide excellent touch. But, when you look at higher price brackets, there are better balls on offer. (I’d much rather a bag of Nike Ordem balls, but not many are going to be able to afford a bag of $150 balls!) The Numero 10 is a ball you can really rely on, knowing you get consistency and a ball that will last you longer than a season.

Again, you can find everything SELECT Numero 10 available at

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