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The Terrace Club Co – What Is In Box #1?

Terrace Club Soccer Box Review

Edition #1 of the first ever soccer subscription box arrived at our door last week, as the Terrace Club looked to make a strong impression with fans who put faith in being the first to sign-up. If you haven’t heard of the Terrace Club, the concept is simple; you sign-up to receive a box, and they fill it with soccer products inspired by a particular theme. Retail for all of the products in the box is more value than what you paid. And what makes this even more unique is the fact they are creating unique collaborations with soccer brands, meaning the only place you will find certain items is in the box.

As far as we know, this is not something that has ever been tried in the US before, so it offers something completely unique to the market. Here is our take on the first edition run and what it has to offer.

Theme Of The First Box Is?

US soccer, a box filled with goodies to help US fans support the national team this summer in all tournaments, including the Copa America Centenario that actually takes place on US soil.

The Terrace Club Box #1

So, Whats Inside?

Bumpy Pitch t-shirt – This shirt sold out at Bumpy Pitch a while back, so brought back a special edition run just for this box. Inspired by the denim kit that the US men’s team wore in the 1994 World Cup.

American Outlaws Scarf – Limited edition AO scarf that features the same stars pattern found on the denim kit.

Love Soccer Print – Designed by ModernAthletePrints, this special edition print features unique summer soccer text placed inside the design.

Stars and Stripes Socks – From SockSmith, keeping your feet stylish in a stars and stripe style design. Perfect for showing support at work without breaking the dress code.

Stars and Stripes Laces – Brought to you by SR4U, each lace features its own color pattern and design, creating a US style flag as you lace up your boots.

“100” Lapel Pin – This one comes from Pintrill and celebrates the fact this summer’s Copa America will be centenario, or the 100th year.

Soccer Over Everything Mugs – Two espresso mugs that emphasis a strong motto of the Bumpy Pitch crew in recent times, sometimes you just have to choose soccer over everything.

Copa Coffee Beans – A special edition package of Three 25 Coffee beans to help you prep for any potential soccer action right through the summer.

1-Month MLS Live Access – This one is really cool, a month free to access ALL MLS games. Especially useful if you have ever considered MLS live but not pulled the trigger.

The Terrace Club Box #1 Detail A

The Terrace Club Box #1 Detail B

Reaction To Box #1

If you follow the #theterraceclub hashtag, you will have spotted a ton of positive reaction about the box and what was inside. I’ve included some examples down at the bottom of this post for you to check out. In fact, it seems like there were a lot of folks wishing they had also signed up. Those brave folks that did paid $75 without knowing what they were getting. It is hard to put an overall value on the products included, but our rough estimate puts it at a low ball $110. And that doesn’t include the fact that some of the items can only be found in this box!

How To Get Box #2?

Sign-ups are already open for the Autumn 2016 edition of the box, with this one inspired by the return of the European domestic league action. To keep things consistent, there will be a limited edition item in the box that isn’t available anywhere outside the Terrace Club box.

To sign-up, all you need to do is head to The Terrace Club Co, select your size and checkout. Then sit back, relax, enjoy lots of summer soccer and patiently wait for your box to arrive.

Final note; ModernAthletePrints is part of the SC101 family, so we have a direct bias on its inclusion in the box. Outside of that, we have no other association with its creation or anything inside. Links on this post do go through affiliate channels.

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