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What to Expect From Zweikampf “3-D Printed” Shinguards

Zweikampf Shinguard

When it comes to high profile shin guards, Zweikampf has the created what could be one of the more advanced to date. You might think you’ve entered the twilight zone when you hear their price – $150 – but this is no ordinary guard. They are actually created using innovative 3-D print technology and offer ultra-high impact protection thanks to a unique Y structure across the top layer.

The top class packaging they come in sets the tone for what is on offer. Zweikampf go all out on the box design, placing the guards neatly inside. In between both, there are two closed sections. one has a boot back neatly rolled up in side, while the other holds two rolls of tape to help keep the guards locked under your socks. You will definitely need to use the tape, unless you have an extra set of sleeves to use instead.

Zweikampf Shinguard Y Casing

Zweikampf Triple Protection

In describing the weight of the guards on their site, Zweikampf pull off the following beautiful description – gotta love this:

At 75 grams, the ZWEIKAMPF shin guard is as light as two granola bars – and slim as well. With its slender 7 mm, it makes you look good on the field. After all, you don’t want to feel your equipment in competition, just yourself and the game.

Having wore them, what should you expect from a pair? First, they do what they are supposed to – protect your shins! They are very sturdy and the structure offers excellent impact resistance. The lightweight nature is always a bonus, and when locked in against your shin, you really don’t feel them there. The inside features a soft grip compound, but it is not enough to allow you to wear them sitting in your socks. When I tried that, they slipped sown. So, the tape that comes with them is a necessity, or a pair of sleeves will work well if you have a pair to use.

These guards are made from scratch in Austria, and they ship from Europe. So, anyone looking for a pair in the US will be paying a little extra. I love the design and the concept (who wouldn’t want to wear 3-D guards!) but in reality I’m not sure you get true value for money here. You will definitely be more protected wearing these as opposed to a $25 pair of Nike Mercurial Lite shinguards, but how often do you hear about Nike Mercurial Lites breaking?

If you are interested in learning more about the guards or want to order a pair, head to the

Zweikampf 3D Shinguard Side Profile

Zweikampf Guard Protection

Zweikampf 3D Guards

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