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What Makes The Joma Super Regate A Top Futsal Option?

Joma Super Regate in Lemon

A short-sided, indoor focused boot that is always worth taking a look at is the craft Joma Super Regate. Designed to be a lightweight “trick” style boot, they have quickly become a fan favorite for their pliable nature. This is the type of lightweight shoe that allows players to be expressive in tight spaces when you need something just a little extra responsive on your feet.

One of the best things about the series is the fact Joma has kept their price tag down, ensuring they are one of the most economical hard court shoes around. And recently, they set about releasing a new series of colorways – with this Lemon/Royal colorway leading the way.

Available from soccer.com.

Joma Super Regate Unboxing

Joma Super Regate Side Profile


Joma does a great job with creating a super comfortable shoe that falls in at a very tasty weight point, 8.6oz. Right out of the box, they are super easy to wear. It is primarily due to the very flexible nature of the entire shoe, from the upper right through to the soleplate. What you need to know is that they are very soft and they get the all clear for wear from day 1.

How do they Fit?

In terms of fit, this is a very true to size option that won’t require players to think about other sizes. The length of the shoe is standard and provides enough space for stopping and cutting at pace without squishing your toes. Width wise, this is a shoe that will appeal to a wide variety of fits. Medium fits will definitely enjoy them and I will also throw them into the wide fitting category since the materials will stretch and mold to a larger fit.

Compared to the Top Flex

We regularly get asked which boot should players choose; the Super Regate or the Top Flex? The answer to that is simple. For comfort and durability, the Top Flex would be your best option. But if you are looking for more of a lightweight, crafty, sort of “trick” like boot the Super Regate is absolutely the way to go.

Joma Super Regate Upper Touch and Control

Joma Super Regate Futsal Shoe

Joma Super Regate Heel Design

Performance on the Futsal Court

This is a shoe that is going to benefit quick, nifty players that like to get plenty of touches and pull of tricks whenever they can. When you want to get your foot on the ball and get some toca-toca in, the design is going to be very useful. Across the front portion of the upper and through the midfoot, Joma use what they call a Salatech upper;  a combination of mesh and rubber. The mesh allows for maximum breathability through games while the rubber aids with ball control. Personally, I am a fan of mesh in indoor shoes, but only when there is some extra protection across it to improve feel on the ball. A single layer of mesh is not going to withstand much pounding and shooting you feel the full impact. But a rubber overlay acts as a buffer, while still allowing for plenty of air to run through.

There is also a layer of suede that covers the toe cap and runs across the lateral side of the boot. It becomes relevant as you look to play short passes along your instep and it actually proves useful as it offers a slightly grippy feel on the ball.

Then there is the sole and oh how awesome it is! Well, that is the case if you are all about rapid movement and enjoying adding pace to the game. The image above tells you all that you need to know, Joma has added an ultra flexible soleplate that allows for movement in both directions. It is the flex channels that provide the extra mobility and it competes very admirably against a Freefootball Speedtrick that continually gets high praise. The Super Regate feel great to run in and I actually found that the grooves create an added level of traction on court as you look to chop and turn.

Super Regate Sole and Traction

The Super Regate is a shoe designed for fast paced players who like to get on the ball and move it quickly. It also offers a sweet first touch and are very breathable. And when you factor in their price range (or how they are currently available for) they make complete sense to invest in a pair. When it comes to value for money and futsal style shoes, there are easily one of the best options you will currently find on the market.

Finally, find the latest line-up (and this colorway) available at soccer.com.

Super Regate

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  1. Nice review, I have a pair of these and they are a very good futsal shoe. However, in my experience, they are not true to size at all. For the past 20 years I have been wearing a US size 9 shoe, which usually fits me pretty well. On occasion the 9 can be slightly too small and I have to get a 9.5, but this is pretty rare. Generally across all of the brands that I have tried (Nike, Addidas, Puma, Mizuno, Umbro, etc) a size 9 will usually fit well, and I have not owned any shoes below this size for over 20 years. However, with the Joma Super Regate the 9 was too large, so I sent them back for an 8.5, this was also too large, and I had to send them back again for an 8.

    The Jomas are the only shoes that I have worn in the last 20 years where the sizing has been so different to other shoes and other brands that I have tried. I currently also wear Nike Gato II, Nike Hypervenum Phantom, Nike Flyknit, and Addidas response shoes in a size 9 that fit me perfectly, but my Jomas are a size 8. They are sized differently to nearly all of the other shoes that I have worn. In addition, one of my friends is usually a size 11, but his Joma's are a 10.

    With regards to sizing, I have found that the Joma Super Regate are almost a full size longer than any of my other shoes.

    • Just a new edit, to my comment above, the Jomas are probably half a size larger in sizing than other brands, rather than a full size. As I have found an 8.5 fits me better than the 8 after all.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Out of Joma Top Flex, Super Regade and Joma Free 1.0 which is the best model overall ?
    And in terms of cushioning, comfort, touch and shooting which model offer the best option?

  3. To be honest, when talk about soccer cleats, lots of big common names come to my mind, i mean like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc. But after reading this review, i would say Joma hook my attention and could be a great alternative for futsal cleats. Is there any specialty design for any position? I mean if my position is just goalkeeper, it might be different than forwards or wingers. Because of, basically a goalkeeper does not move a lot, maybe it can be a little different in term of design. I just thought like that, but maybe the overall design just basically the same.

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