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What Does The Diadora Quinto6 Turf Have On Offer?

Diadora Quinto6 TF

Something just a little different. The latest turf specific shoe from Diadora comes in the form of Quinto6 TF. When it comes to quality and comfort, Diadora are one of the leading brands around. This is a shoe that combines both traits and gives players a fresh option when it comes to playing on artificial turf surfaces.

Lets get straight down to it; simply put, these are a perfect “old man” style shoe, and I’m not trying to be derogatory with that comment. While wearing them, one of the key words that comes to mind is stability. There is a very balanced feel throughout the sole, ensuring you have steady footing as you play. And as you’d expect from the look, they are built to last and that is something will prove useful as you wear them on turf surfaces.

Diadora Quinto6 TF sole and traction

Underfoot, Diadora use an unusual circular style micro blade design. It is intended to balance pressure through the sole while allowing for the rubber blades to grip the turf surfaces.

Where they are not at their best is through really tight cuts, the movement you are likely to make if speed is part of your game. For more seasoned pro’s, it is reliability in a shoe that contributes to confident performances; knowing you have something on your feet that will get you through the game in style without having to worry about comfort or pressure point issues. That is why they are the recommended to those players that fall in that category. It is not that younger, acceleration focused players won’t enjoy them, it is that they won’t provide the most optimal type of performance.

Diadora Quinto6 Blades

Diadora Quinto6 TF Upper

Diadora Quinto6

In terms of tech specs, the upper uses a Nylon mesh with SuprellTech inserts across the forefoot to reinforce key strike areas. An antistretch and anti-slip rear lining is employed for a locked down feel through wear. This is a very well padded shoe that will having you feeling secure through play. In reality, there is very much a sneaker type feel about these, and that is something that strongly contributes to the level of comfort provided!

In terms of availability, this is an odd one. Over the past few generations of Quinto, some have hit the market immediately while others seem to have appeared long after their release. The last remaining Quinto shoes at come in the form of a fourth generation release. While Diadora themselves only have the fifth generation release.

Where I did find them was on, with a very reasonable retail of $56.

Quinto6 Turf from Diadora

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