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Up Close – “Pitch Dark” Nike Tiempo Legend 6

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark

Released as part of the summer “Pitch Dark” pack, we’ve been meaning to have an up close look at just what the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 has on offer. A blackout upper design is highlighted by a dash of Hyper Turquoise to create a signature look.

In recent times, the Tiempo Legend 6 has come up against some harsh (but justified) criticism for it’s overall durability. But outside of that they are an absolute top performer that are a fan favorite in the right circumstances. They are about as comfortable as boots get, and a super classy leather upper covers a fully functional internal cage system, intended to keep you locked in without affected touch on the ball. If you are a fan of traditional style boots, these are a real treat in person!

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Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Unboxing

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Upper Design

In Summary: Nike Tiempo Legend 6

In a world where dynamic mid-cut collars seem to rule Nike’s line-up, having a classic silhouette that evokes heritage appeal is absolutely invaluable. There are, however, several key updates and features on this boot that are intended to take performance up a notch. Since this a boot that falls into the comfort/heritage category, you won’t be too surprised to hear they are a glorious boot to wear. Right out of the box, the upper and soleplate are flexible enough to break into a game first time.

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Internal Cage

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Side Profile

Nike Tiempo 6 Black Side View

The upper consists of a leather with an internal cage system underneath. This cage provides support to maintain shape while allowing for a lighter overall construction. Nike has gone with a one-piece tongue on this boot, but they also have an added twist. In order to create an ease of entry, the tongue is joined from the third eyelet down. So, yes it is a one-piece but you also have an open area across the top that makes the boot easier to slip on while also creating a unique visual effect.

When it comes to touch on the ball, these are a real winner. That, in turn, plays right into the hands of the players they are intended for. Think players that like to get on the ball, keep it simple with crisp clear passes, dedicate their game to improving others around them. This could actually apply to a lot of players on the pitch, from goalkeeper to hard hitting midfielder or goalscoring striker. Basically what I am saying here is that these boots are very, very open ended, universally versatile to all players.

How do they Fit?

This is a very much true-to-size fitting boot that has an accommodating width through the forefoot. It doesn’t quite fit into the wider fitting boot category, but Nike they will suit a wider variety of players. It is important to note here that Nike has made changes to the sizing from the 5th to this 6th edition. If you found the 5 was tight (like I did) these will provide a much improved fit. I normally wear a size 9US, that is what I wore through testing, and I wouldn’t change up or down for any reason.

Finishing Up….

The final note here goes back to durability, and because of player feedback we do have to recommend you to be cautious if you are considering order a pair. Through testing the Tiempo 6, I wore my pair many times without any issues. So, it isn’t something I have been directly impacted by. And from a performance perspective, they are one of the top options on the market right now. You will need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of what they have to offer. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in a pair.

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Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Soleplate

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Pitch Dark Heel Design

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