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Coming Soon - Matchmakers Heritage Seventeen - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 25 2024

Coming Soon – Matchmakers Heritage Seventeen

Matchmakers Heritage Seventeen

Word is coming through that there will soon be a former glory brand back on the market, reborn after several decades of slumber. You might be familiar with Stylo Matchmakers, the boots worn by none other than George Best (as well as Kevin Keegan and Trevor Francis.) Well, they are on the verge of a return, with a modern classic in the form of the Matchmakers Heritage Seventeen.

What exactly do we know about these new boots other than the fact they are being released in a trusty black colorway?

They will be created using a professional, lightweight, super soft microfiber upper, with “killer touch” texture vents. Inside that boots, an Oxcited breathable insole will be used for additional impact condensing. What is even more exciting is the fact the brand has already lined up 50 pro players in the UK and USA who are set to wear the boots. They will be available in FG & SG options and sizes ranging from 6-11 UK. And they are launching this coming March on Amazon Premium.

This could be real good! Given the history behind the boots, there should be a lot of interest from old school fans of the game. It is an opportunity to relive former glory days in an entirely new way. If the boots live up to expectations, there is the potential of a real success story here. What do you guys think of the boots? And who will be following along through the release?

If you want to keep tabs on the situation and everything that happens, check out Matchmakers on Facebook and Twitter.

Heritage Seventeen from Matchmakers



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  1. this is they best soccer cleat out there by far. just wait until they come out. I played in the 80 dies for a big soccer club and this is the cleat that i wore. they are the best i have ever played in. they almost fill like you have nothing on your feet. If they are anything like the ones that were out then. look out all you other companies. as i can see so far its going to be amazing. cant wait for them to come out i don't play now but my son dues and he is a awesome player and these cleats are going to make him even better on the field they make you fill the boll so much better than any cleat that i have warn i have put so many different kinds of cleats on in the past and they look like what I wore and if so all i can say is WOW

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