Tuesday , January 11 2022

The “Aztec” – One of the Craziest Ball Designs You Will Ever See!

Chaos Soccer Gear Azteca

Earlier this week, we posted images on social media of this extremely artistically designed ball – the Aztec – and the reaction was pretty impressive. We are set to revisit with a proper review in the coming weeks, but for now we wanted to make sure you got the details on what is one of the craziest balls you are likely to ever see!

First up, the official tech specs for the ball, that come via Chaos Soccer Gear , are as follows:

  • Classic leather finish 32 panels design
  • 100% Hand-stitched craftsmanship
  • 1.5 mm high quality, micro-texture dimpled PU.
  • Buytil bladder for excellent combination of contact quality and air retention
  • 4 polyester linings for ball strength, structure and bounce
  • Perfect for: outdoor grass, outdoor turf, indoor turf

The ball is created with FIFA specifications and manufactured at a FAIRTRADE facility. And, it is just downright legit!

I haven’t officially tested it on pitch yet, that happens tomorrow. But in terms of design and the general feel, I’m sold on the quality it offers. The casing of the ball has the same dimple style definition as the Nike Ordem, so I’m excited to check out the performance. As far as the design goes, you are never going to want to use this in a game, but it is a game changer for players that want a standout ball to train with. No one will ever be able to claim your ball, and it is a definite conversation starter.

What do you guys think of the design, and would you be interested in owning your own ball like this?

If you do want to get your hands on the Aztec, you can find it here for $79.

Azteca Soccer Ball from Chaos Soccer

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