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"What If" Soccer Boots Met Brands? Concept Designs - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

“What If” Soccer Boots Met Brands? Concept Designs

Adidas Purecontrol XBOX ONE

Here is a perfect set of “What If” concept boots, pieced together by the artistic folks at Graphic UNTD. Each combines a top-tier soccer boot with an international renowned brand, creating something extremely unique. The boots in play are the adidas Purecontrol and Nike Mercurial Superfly, while the brands range from XBOX, to Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Nutella and even Levis.

The concept is novel but I think you guys will appreciate the final prototypes. And I’ve a feeling there are a few in here that would actually sell out of they were released to market!

Got a favorite design? Let us know in the comments below, or get the conversation going on Twitter.

Adidas Purecontrol Starbucks

Nike Mercurial Superfly Xmas CocaCola

Nike Mercurial Nutella

Nike Mercurial PS4

Nike Mercurial Doritos

Adidas Purecontrol Evian

Nike Mercurial Levis

Adidas Purecontrol Domino's Pizza

adidas Purecontrol Dr Pepper

Nike Mercurial Ricard

Adidas Purecontrol Milka

Nike Mercurial Suze

Nike Mercurial Cochonou

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  1. Since pros are allowed to wear whatever colored boot they want, I'm surprised to NOT see sponsorship on their feet already!

    • That is a very good point, Matt. I'd assume it has something to do with the brand having conflict with placing another brand on their boots (unless it is a collaboration like Puma x Porsche, for example)

  2. Jihed Ben Hammadi

    at some point, expect a Levi's themed boot.

  3. Great shoes!

  4. so these aren't for sale oof i really wanted one can you buy it?

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