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Chaos Aztec Soccer Ball Review

Chaos Soccer Aztec Ball

A few weeks back we introduced you to Chaos Soccer Gear, a brand producing what could be the most visually stunning ball on the market. The Aztec features an extremely graphic designs, with images depicting the power of the Aztec Empire layering the surface of the ball. With a 32-panel design and a micro-texture dimpled PU casing, the Aztec mixes traditional styling with modern technology.

We have been testing the ball over the past few weeks, receiving bemused comments when players see it for the first time. But how does it actually perform on pitch? Here is what you need to know in case you are considering picking one up.

Chaos Aztec Casing Design (a)

Chaos Aztec Casing Design (b)

Performance – Feel and Touch

There are definitely no corners cut on the performance of this ball, as it definitely offers similar playability to other top market options. In fact, the casing of the ball has the same dimple style definition as the Nike Ordem. On your foot, that provides some tackiness and allows for closer control as you dribble with the ball. Using a 32-panel design ensures you are getting plenty of reliability in play, with the dimples adding some aerodynamic properties. In flight, it stays very steady and straight with little movement. This is obviously a good thing for keepers, while it allows players the opportunity to read a true strike. To the feel, there is not a lot of spring on the ball, or the casing doesn’t feel thick. So there is some serious ping as you strike shots.  As far as performance goes, it stands the test as a quality market option, especially for its price range.

Aztec Visual Design

Visually, the design is obviously extremely stunning. Each panel features its own individual style, so as you spin the ball you continue to see an evolving story. If you are looking for something your friends are going to want, then it is about as suave as you can get. It is intended to stand out, and that is exactly what it does. Where it is not as effective is on pitch in low light conditions, where the darker colors can make it a tough ball to keep your eye on. There is no significant standout color to really make it pop. When the lights are low (it is cloudy or you are under night lights) I found it difficult to really focus on where the ball is. This is also something several friends pointed out as we played with it.

Still, I love the design and there is so much potential to create completely unique designs that separate the brand from the market. Can you imagine if the outline came in a fluo yellow? Key here is obviously the performance of the ball, and since you are getting something that competes with top balls on the market, it makes for an appealing option – under the right circumstances.


In terms of value, this is a ball that easily matches value to performance. And the design is clearly visually stunning, something that will immediately draw fellow players attention. But that design doesn’t transcend well on pitch, so it is not necessarily something I could recommend as a game ball. In reality, not many leagues would let you use something so “artistic” anyway. So, it becomes more of a training ball, or a high-level training ball. If you like the design and want something different to train with, it is definitely one to check out.

You can find the Chaos Aztec available via the Chaos Soccer Gear website, retailing for $79.99.

Finishing out, the below comes directly from the brand website. It gives a real good summary of how the ball is pieced together and what it is all about!

What Aztec Soccer Ball

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  1. Their warranty is a scam, my couldn’t keep air, after I inflated it. I contacted them about it they told me warranty is only if the ball looses it shape, i was like that is what happened. After i said that they never responded. So if you want to buy the ball because of the warranty, don’t waste your time and money.

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