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New Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ Colorways Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

New Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ Colorways Released

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ Profiled

If there is one area where Mizuno has a direct advantage over the rest of the market, it lies in the power category. Over the past few months, we have been treated to a range of new colorways in the Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ series. When Mizuno label a boot with MIJ, you are immediately entitled to associate them with extreme quality. “Made In Japan” basically means that the boots are handcrafted in Japan without stressing about how long it takes to piece them together.

Each pair is placed and shaped on a last for 24 hours in order to create the perfect shape. In comparison, your average boot on the market gets just 20 minutes on a last. That is a HUGE difference, and one that allows Mizuno to provide players with a boot built on detail and not hype. Think of the natural stress and fit in the material before they even get to you.

This Neon Yellow/Black colorway, as well as a version in Blue Depths/Silver and another in White/Blue Diva can all currently be found at

Mizuno Wave Ignitus MIJ

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 Made In Japan Leather

For players in need of a pair of boots to replace their lost adidas Predator or Nike T90 Laser boots, this is about the best option you are likely to find. Up across the forefoot, there is plenty of technology to help you connect and perfect your strike. The highly defined strike zone consists of a new Bio Vamp Zone, intended to allow for a sweeter connection and extra grip with the ball. It is not the same Muiketan panel found on the Wave Ignitus 3, so players should expect a different experience through the important strike zone. Personally, I enjoy the padded area through the midfoot that helps cushion long passes or firm passes in tight situations.

Mizuno MIJ Wave Ignitus 4 Upper

Wave Ignitus 4 Made In Japan

If you are looking to pick up a pair, it can become quite and investment considering their premium $280 price tag. That has been the struggle for the Japanese giants since they took steps back into the US market 3 years ago. There is no doubt that the quality and performance in the boots is absolutely there, but competing with larger brands that invest far more advertising dollars creates a huge challenge. But, this is definitely a boot to add to your bucket-list, in case the opportunity arises to wear a pair. And who knows, they might not be around for too much longer!

Find the entire Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ line-up available at

Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ Strike Zone

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 MIJ Traction

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