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Nike Tiempo VII Released – The Important Details

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Released

Much in line with our expectations of the Tiempo Legend series, Nike has directly focused on fit and comfort with the latest Tiempo VII release. But rather than sticking with the simplistic characteristics of a heritage style boot, they have created something far more technically advanced, moving the series in a completely new direction.

“It all starts with premium leather, but with Tiempo Legend 7, we’ve integrated Nike Flyknit for a more dynamic fit and improved lockdown,” says Nike Football Designer Vianney de Montgolfier.

We received a special Black Platinum version this past week, so we already have some firsthand experience with them. What pieces are added to enhance the fit, improve comfort and drop the overall weight of the silo by a whopping 22%? Here are the details you need to know about the Tiempo 7.

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Nike Tiempo VII Book 1

Fit and Comfort

One of the first things you will notice about the Tiempo VII is the highly defined upper and the fact there is not a single stitch used through the strike zone. This all plays out to improve the overall fit and feel, with Nike leveraging a sort of 4 tier system.

  1. Nike uses a soft, seamless k-leather throughout the forefoot. This is the top layer and the first level between boot and ball.
  2. The leather is fused with a thin foam, this adds a little extra cushion and strength to the upper material.
  3. Fit-Mesh, which makes its debut inside the Tiempo Legend 7, acts as a floating lining attached to the raised biteline of the boot, not the leather. It helps contain your foot so the leather doesn’t have to.
  4. Nike Flyknit through the midfoot and tongue encases Flywire and helps provide cushioned coverage atop the foot.
  5. The plush feel of the Tiempo Legend 7 extends all the way to the heel, where cushioned, articulated pods hug the foot in place.

Nike Tiempo VII Book 2

Nike Tiempo VII Book 3

Touch and Control

Since visually the upper is so highly textured, an important question is what can you expect when it comes to feel on the ball?

Well, the first thing to note is that K-leather is the first layer that contacts with the ball. Since there is no stitching through the forefoot, you are assured of getting a pure leather touch on the ball.

Underneath that, you find the highly defined Foam Skeleton. This is what gives the upper its textured appearance and it basically acts as an additional buffer to enhance control. It is actually a lot thinner to the touch than it looks in images, providing a little extra cushion without reducing the amount of feel you get.

Nike Tiempo VII Book 4

Nike Tiempo VII Book 5

Traction and Stability

Underfoot, things have been upgraded also. Tiempo Legend 7 also marks the debut of the Nike Hyperstability plate. This is a system designed for multi-directional movements and in turn, actually helped shave 60 grams off the weight of the boot.

The plate features a mixture of jagged conical studs, chevrons, and blades. As with all Nike boots, the precise traction pattern was refined through Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Nike Tiempo VII Book 6

Even with the number of modern updates that grace this seventh edition of the Tiempo Legend series, it is the one Nike silo that still holds true to its roots. A standard ankle cut, leather upper, focus on fit and touch; everything is geared toward keeping your Dad happy.

But there are several key talking points about the boot that we are looking to tackle as we test them out. For example, durability, something that has become a hot topic with the Tiempo Legend series. And we also want to try define the type of player that will benefit most from the overall design and performance offered.

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  1. Looking forward to news about durabilty. We loved the Tiempo VI but my son suffered two sole separations (and Nike only warrantied one) and I had suffered one.

    I really hope Nike has it figured out because they were otherwise great shoes.

  2. Please email me once you test out the durability because I love Tiempos but durability has always been a problem for me. Thanks for this review, and hopefully your comments can help me pick out my next pair of cleats!

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