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UA Clutchfit Force 3.0 “Aquaflage” – Feature Review

UA Clutchfit Force 3 in Aquaflage

Under Armour continue their attack on the boot market with a special edition Camo colorway that is intended to really stand out from the crowd. The third generation Clutchfit Force takes the performance of the control focused silo up a notch. It has a lot to do with the upper that UA’s design team has worked on improving, moving away from the multi-dimensional rubber feel and to more of a second skin material. As well as that modified upper, the soleplate has also been redesigned for improved traction and stability.

Let’s take an up-close look at some of the finer details that this latest colorway has on offer. Or, you can check them out at soccer.com.

UA Clutchfit Aquaflage Colorway

Aquaflage Colorway

In terms of colorway, this is a boot that is part of the special edition UA Aquaflage collection. They feature a camo style Blue Splash colorway, mixing multi-depth shades to offer up a water themed design.

The official colorway is listed as a Midnight Navy/Meridian Blue/White, with the pattern running right across the entire upper. In order to make sure you know which brand the boots belong to, a signature white UA logo is strategically positioned on the outer side of the heel. Even the laces are treated to a complimentary blue camo paint job. Visually, they provide a completely different look for players that want to stand out from the regular crowd.

What UA Is Saying

Designed for the ultimate playmakers, the Clutchfit 3.0 offers the best possible touch on the ball. For those highly technical players who create magic with the ball, rely on incredible touch and exhibit close control when dribbling, the 3.0 will rekindle the relationship between your foot and boot. The ultimate fit, feel and touch is delivered with this latest Clutchfit boot.


What can you expect from the the Clutchfit Force 3.0 on pitch? First thing to note is that UA has switched to a new upper material called Trivela microfiber. It offers some slight texture, but not enough for it to actually raise up off the upper like the Clutchfit 3D does. This ensures a softer material and something that is likely to wrap around your foot more intimately. You get a much more natural feel from the 3.0, but don’t be fooled by thinking the thinner material won’t protect your feet while striking. They still have some enough definition to provide some dampening on the ball, with a little grip included.

Underfoot, a BZM plate is employed with a mixture of bladed and conical studs allowing for optimum traction. If you are talking actual surface, they can be used sufficiently on FG and turf surfaces.

Clutchfit Force Aquaflage Upper Design

Clutchfit Force Aquaflage Detailing

Clutchfit 3.0 Soleplate

How Do They Fit?

Compared to the market, the Clutchfit series has definitely got one of the more snug fits around. For some players, including myself, completely loosening up the laces is the first step to creating a fit that works. It is through the midfoot where they really squeeze in around the contours of the foot, and it is likely to take most players a wear or two to really loosen them up. They have a pretty narrow fit right though the foot, so when you look down on them they definitely have a narrow appearance. I’d rate them as having an ideal fit for medium width players, with the opportunity to stretch to a medium/wide width after some wear and break-in.

Retail Details

As one of the latest releases in the series, this is a boot that still currently holds its $229.99 price point. That puts it right up with some of the top performing Nike and adidas boots, leaving it in a precarious position for those that don’t like taking risks on their footwear. But if there is one thing you need to know about the current UA line-up, it is that they are built on the ideals of comfort. The US brand has nailed down what is probably the one most important fundamentals of any new boot line-up, ensuring every piece of the boot is designed to keep yourfeet comfortable through a 90-minute game.

You can currently find the Aquaflage colorway available at soccer.com.

If you have any questions, comments or personal opinions on the Clutchfit Force 3.0 series, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we can get a discussion started. 

Clutchfit Force Aquaflage Camo Laces

Clutchfit Force Aquaflage Heel

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