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What Are The Best Selling Boots Of 2018?

Best Boots 2018

With so many new boots currently on the market, it might be difficult to decipher which are the most influential. That obviously shouldn’t be the basis for your decision on a new boot, but it can’t hurt to have insight into which are the most popular when it comes to retail.

So, we reached out to our friends at to find out what the best selling boots of 2018 currently are. They offered up some info by brand, and here is whats hottest so far this year.

Mercurial Superfly 360 Elite Up Close


#1 – Mercurial Superfly Elite 6

Released: Feb 2018
Retail: $274.99

Designed for the perfect fit, while maintaining all of the key features of a Mercurial release. There was a slight change-up in the naming convention, with this series being labelled the Mercurial Superfly 360 thanks to a wrap around style Flyknit upper that responds effortlessly to your movements.

It is no surprise to see the Superfly leading the way for Nike, with a strong marketing push and key players wearing the boot (including Ronaldo’s signature pairs.)

Predator 18+


#1 – Predator 18+

Released: Nov 2017
Retail: $299.99

Taking their inspiration from iconic Predator models of the past, adidas has re-engineered this model modern tooling and innovation. The intro Predator 18+ colorway features a black, red and gold colorway and includes an updated Primeknit SOCKFIT COLLAR, engineered to naturally expand to the foot’s shape while ensuring a supportive fit. The Primeknit material includes a layer of CONTROLSKIN for optimal grip in any condition alongside an ANATOMICAL UPPER which mimics the heel’s shape to provide ultimate lockdown.

When you talk about the Predator silo, it is an icon of the game. Their reintroduction has really ignited fans interest in the brand and they have gone down a real treat. Again, with so many key players wearing them and marketing on point, they easily sell themselves.

Puma FUTURE 18.1


#1 – FUTURE 18.1

Released: Nov 2017
Retail: $219.99

Designed to provide player with a completely new type of personalized agility fit in game; the FUTURE 18.1 are the first boot with a truly customizable, locked down fit. The key to its creation is the inclusion of NETFIT technology that allows the wearer to lace their boots any way they want, creating a “perfect” fit.

Without a doubt, these are one of the best boots released to market in recent times. Puma might not have the marketing power of adidas and Nike, but they have a boot that performs at the highest level. Plus, the design of the boot has allowed them to play around with visual colorways in a very effective way.

UA Magnetico FG

Under Armour

#1 – Magnetico Pro

Released: Feb 2018
Retail: $219.99

Under Armour released the Magnetico Pro with the tagline “a boot with zero break-in needed and fitting true to a player’s form.” It is all thanks to a new flexible auxetic upper and toebox that form instantly to your foot for custom fit and barefoot touch.

Are they all the hype? Absolutely, yes! Under Armour has created a real winner with the Magnetico and there is no doubt that the more players test them, the more will buy them. Marketing wise, these got a good push after release, so it is no surprise to see that they are UA’s top seller right now.

New Balance

#1 – Furon 3.0

Released: July 2017
Retail: $199.99

Designed for players that step onto the pitch for a single, momentous opportunity, defining the outcome of a game by devastating the opposition’s defense. Engineered with a lightweight TPU/Polyester mesh upper for explosive power and ball feel, the Furon 3.0 encompasses a Fantom Fit selective melt process which forms fused areas on the boot for increased durability, structure and support around the foot. A data designed REVlite foam insert provides directional in-boot traction, targeted for acceleration motions and cushioning.

When it comes to design, New Balance has been right on point. Performance wise, not so much. But, their marketing has allowed for a real push behind their boots and players have flocked to see what they Furon is all about.

Mizuno Morelia Neo in Blue


#1 – Morelia Neo II MIJ

Released: Aug 2016
Retail: $289.99

The Morelia Neo MIJ is a blend of quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation. The upper features an ultra thin, yet super soft, Kangaroo Leather. Weighing in at 6.8oz, this cleat is built for speed, comfort and a clean first touch. There are many traditional style boots to compare these against right now, but the overall quality of the leather upper makes them a contender for top k-leather boot on the market.

The longest standing boot on this list – and most lists – the Morelia Neo II has continued to prove its value to players and it is no surprise that they are a top selling option for fans. There was an extended period when Mizuno boots were not available in the US, so these are easily a welcome option for players that want something a little extra special.

Concave Halo+


#1 – Halo+ Leather

Released: Jan 2017
Retail: $184.99

When it comes to adding additional power elements to enhance boot performance, Concave are at the forefront of new technology. There are a whole lot of boots out there that lack a defined identity, but the Halo+ Pro is definitely not in that category. With a sweet spot 4 times larger than any other brand on the market, this is a silo cemented in and around the arena of shooting, intended to compliment attacking players and those that want to take advantage of an added sweet spot for control.

With the Volt+, Aura+ and Halo+ all currently available to fans in the US, it is the latter that is leading Concave’s charge on the US market. The leather version, specifically, seems to have found a home with fans that want something traditional mixed with modern performance.

Are there any boots on the list that you are surprised to see? Or is there a pair that you would have expected to see sit as the top selling for their specific brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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