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The Story Behing Mexican Brand "Garcis" - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

The Story Behing Mexican Brand “Garcis”

Garcis New Release Soccer Shoe

It is always fun running into a brand that you have never heard of before. This week, it was a Mexican brand called Garcis. There are probably a lot of you in Southern California who are familiar with the history of the brand, especially since they have been around since 1971 and were associated with some of the bigger clubs in Mexico. But for me it was a first!

Checking out the Garcis website, they actually have some pretty cool and quirky boots on offer, from firm ground to turf and indoor. The designs are a mish-mash of pieces we see some other brands, with some originally infused. They have also made a move into the collared boot market, but they are much less exciting and don’t have that wow factor. And the crazy part is that the boots range in price from $599MXN to $730MXN, or the equivalent of $30 to $40!

Below are some examples of their top boots, although I couldn’t find individual names for each silo. If you have more knowledge or history about the brand, let us know in the comments below!

Garcis Soccer

Garcis Soccer Shoes

Garcis Boot with foldover tongue

The Story Behind Garcis

The story begins in 1961 with the foundation of GARCIS by David García Rodríguez. In its early days, Garcis only produced soccer boots that were mostly made by hand. With added exposure, they began to manufacture balls that also received much acceptance. The company then diversified into other sport, creating a range of products that covered all types of sports such as tennis, balls, uniforms, backpacks, and accessories.

The brand jumped nationally as a sponsor of uniforms and equipment for soccer teams such as Pumas (UNAM), Chivas Guadalajara, Tigres (UANL), Atlas.

Hat tip to FUNinoCA for pointing out the brand to us!

Garcis Boots

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  1. I was only 12 years old when my mom but me my first pair in Mexico. Im talking about 25 years ago.anyways my son now is playin soccer and iwant to see more stiles of this fun cleats.

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