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What Are The Biggest Size Soccer Cleats Available? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

What Are The Biggest Size Soccer Cleats Available?

If you are one of many players out there struggling to find a boot big enough to fit your feet, we have a list that will hopefully help you! First off, I’ll offer an apology for the brands out there that continue to choose to restrict most releases to smaller sizes, normally maxing out at a 12. We’ve regularly talked to brands about this and encouraged that they cater to larger sizes – there are more than enough players out there to make it worth their while. But, creating larger boots that need modified boxes and a slightly different sales route means they choose to just avoid.

We took some time to research and look around at the top options currently available in the US. And we found some pretty decent options available, with links to where you can find each pair. If there are other options out there in similar sizes that we might have mixed, we encourage you to leave them along with links in the comments section to help others that might be going through the research process!

Boots below are listed by size, largest first, with some details on what each has on offer.

1 – Sondico Strike | Size 17US

These are a random find and there were only 5 pairs available as of posting. But, they are definitely worth considering if you have a foot this big! Sondico produce simple boots yet effective boots, designed to provide a quality level of performance at a decent price.

$74.99 at eBay

2 – Adidas Copa Mundial | Size 16US

Without a doubt, the best option available in terms of sizing. The Copa Mundial is the most widely available boot up to size 16US. You have some options here, depending on whether you prefer Goal Club or Prime shipping more!

$134.99 at
$139.99 at Amazon

3 – Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite | Size 15US

It has become a quality modern option for players, and a boot that is highly regarded as a consistent performer. The list of players wearing them is mostly defensive, but they offer enough quality to be an ideal strikers boot. Note that they are on the higher end price wise.

$229.99 at

4 – Nike Premier II Size | 15US

With a reputation as the modern version of the Tiempo Legend, there is a lot to like about the Premier. They are a simple boot that perform very effectively, definitely worth considering.

$109.99 at

5 – Puma ONE 19.1 | Size 14US

One of the latest boot releases to make the list, the Puma ONE is a perfect boot for the creative player. The upper on this boot is K-leather, ensuring you get a little extra stretch as you wear them over time!

$199.99 at

6 – PUMA FUTURE 19.1 | Size 14US

What is great about these is that you have two options; a mid cut and a regular ankle cut version. The FUTURE series is designed with NetFit lacing, which allows you to be a little more personalization when it comes to lacing and how much you tighten the boots up. Those little ropes can make a big difference.

$219.99 at

7 – PUMA Capitano II | Size 14US

A boot that is relatively new to the market, and pretty much unknown. But they do have a k-leather and the look of a boot that pays homage to King boots of the past! Another boot with a relatively simple upper design, but the soleplate has a much more aggressive bite to it!

$99.99 at

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hi, Bryan! Any updates on larger sized cleats? My 6′ 2″ 14 year old soccer loving son is proving impossible to fit this season. He needs a 14.5 or 15 size. And all Nikes forever since he began playing are just too narrow for his wide feet. That seems to leave us with the Adidas Copa (unavailable in CA because it uses K-leather) and ????. Only the hard to find Sondico? Are there places that make custom? If so, outrageously expensive? What can we do other than have him stop playing — the kid needs soccer cleats! The speciality soccer stores around us just shrug their shoulders and say most big kids don’t play soccer, hence, no big size shoes. Seems to be a cop out to me. Thanks for any help you can give!
    — Sharon

    • Hey Sharon, so sorry to hear about his predicament. It really isn't fair and he didn't shouldn't have to stop playing as result. I actually created a fit guide a few months back that might help in knowing what boots fit longer than others, although that won't help a whole lot when there just are not any size 15. You can check it out here. If you want the Copa shipped to Cali, check out WeGotSoccer!

  2. I'm following up on this as well. I echo Sharon's question about custom cleats. I have a 14 year old son who needs a size mens 17. He's been in the Adidas Copa and even with the "larger" Adidas size and stretching, they're not cutting it anymore. I'm willing to go the custom route, but I can't seem to find any place that makes them. Any suggestions are welcome!

    • Amanda Blomstrom

      Same boat here. Need soccer (size 16) cleats…. Basketball is not a problem 😉

      And my son doesn’t want to wear a hybrid. That’s an option for others perhaps. Eastbay, I believe, has a football (American) hybrid cleat that a soccer player could wear. Hope that helps!

  3. whuyare soccer shoes not available in sizes bigger than 13?

  4. Thanks for taking the time to make this article! I hate not being able to find boots in size 15 US and every time my boots start to fall apart buying new ones is always a struggle. I bought a pair of tiempos a few years back and have loved them ever since. But now I need a new pair and I really want a pair of the Mercurial Vapor Elites but its proving quite a task to try find out if I can get a custom pair made. Do you know if there is any way Nike would be able to make this happen or where to go to contact them for this 🙁

  5. So frustrating, my 6’3″, 14 year old son has been playing soccer forever and the only size 16 we can find, (Copas) are way too narrow..pointless because he will probably be in a size 17 in the next few months. Just purchased indoor baseball Turf shoes for an indoor tournament, but this isn’t a long term solution. Didn’t ever think he would have to quit soccer before high school even begins because we can’t find cleats.

  6. Please Help… My son is 14 and a size 14 soccer cleat. As with all of you I have an issue locating shoes. The other issue I am finding if I do find a 14 they are too narrow. Does anyone have a recommendation for a wider width size 14 soccer cleat. He plays goalie I am not sure if the position matters with the boot.

  7. Thank you for posting this. I play twice a week, and I am a size 14 wide, but I also use a 15 cause of my wide feet. For those in the struggle like me, his list is good. If your on a budget, the Sondico is probably the best budget cleat that covers the range 14-17, and you can get it for under $50. The Adidas Copa Mundial is probably the toyota camry of soccer cleats, and its my go to, cause they have 14.5 and 15. If your on a budget, or having trouble accessing it at local stores, buy it online on ebay, poshmark, mercari thats really the only way you can get them as no stores nearby carry them. I’m also wearing a nike tiempo, as they have made some size 15’s, my biggest issue is the tiempo and the copa both are black, and I like to wear different colors. Apparently New balance has a size 13.5 wide which may help bridge the gap for some, I haven’t tried it.

  8. Hi, just want to make a correction to your article.Nike Tiempo Elite actually go up to Size 16 US (I have 3 pairs of them so can confirm they exist!)

    • From where did you source these? I conduct constant searches for size 15 Tiempo Legend Elites, they have completely dried up and all indications are that Nike will no longer make anything larger than 13 for soccer – not even Tiempos or Premiers. My son plays NCAA D1 and USL2 and we have a friend with the same credentials also in size 15. Nike college reps,, and Nike customer service have no answers. my younger son plays MLS Next, I walked around the MLS Next Fest in December and noted lots of feet playing at the top youth level.

      The Copas are terrible, old, narrow design and tech. Puma sz 14s aren’t big enough, NB have never been an option.

      IMAGINE: LeBron James wears size 15, he also owns a piece of Liverpool FC. Imagine him calling his Nike pals and asking for some top soccer boots for a kick around with his Liverpool guys and Nike says, “sorry, king, we don’t make those anymore.” Now, imagine LeBron teaming with Nike to put his crown on size 14 thru 18 or so of Tiempo Legend Elites. Every basketball player would buy them as a collectible if not to play around with the sport, and we could find them for actual soccer players who really need them. Hmmm, is anybody listening?

      Why would any company cease production on a product and size(s) that sellout with days of release? I’m really trying to understand this.

    • where have you gotten the Nike Tiempo Elite in a size 16?

  9. Thanks for posting this list. As others mentioned, we’re in the same boat. Our 14 year old is outgrowing size 15 cleats and size 12 goalie gloves. It isn’t fair that he might have to quit the sport he loves because proper sized gear isn’t available. I have considered buying 2 pair of goalie gloves and sowing extra finger length on. American football cleats are made in extra large sizes, by all the big brands. No excuse to not make soccer cleats available in these sizes too! We need to organize and contact Nike or Adidas to make our plea for all these soccer loving kids.

  10. We are in the same boat (size 16 boat) I have ordered the Adidas Adizero football cleats to see how the sole plate looks and will be searching for a cobbler to shave down the toe stud, if possible I don’t know what else to do?

    • I wouldn’t advice use football cleats for soccer, I’ve seen someone who did something similar, he just couldn’t use them. Football and soccer cleats are built quite different.

    • Do you have any size 15s leftover you are willing to part with?

  11. My 15 yo also needs a 15. I can’t find them anywhere. He has been wearing indoor turf shoes for outdoor but that’s dangerous when the grass/turf is wet. We can’t afford $150-200 for a pair of cleats that will be outgrown in one season 🙁

  12. I am in the same predicament as these parents. My 6’4″ 15 year old, shoe size 17 son loves soccer and will have to stop playing because we cannot find shoes to fit. Were can we even find a custom option?

  13. I see this article was published a few years ago and just wanted to see if there were any updates? My 6’3″ 13 year old had to quit outdoor soccer because we can’t find a cleat for him 17 US extra wide. I bought the widest pair I could find (Adidas) and he blew the side out in 1 practice. Thankfully he can play indoor rec league where we live because they allow regular tennis shoes. Hoping to find some cleats before high school try outs in 2024. Hate for him to miss out on something he loves just because of his foot size.

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