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Up Close – Nike PhantomVNM Elite “Fully Charged”

Nike PhantomVNM Fully Charged

Already established as an elite level performance boot, Nike has treated the PhantomVNM to an electrifying new design. A dark stormy color palette with multi-shades of blue creates a dynamic effect, almost like the colors you would expect to see if you were flying through a deadly storm at night. Visually, the colors highlight the definition that is in play across the upper. You also get deep flashes of lightning bolts, with Total Orange detailing completing the overall look. Nike has released them as part of the “Fully Charged” Pack.

Fully Charged Nike PhantomVNM

The PhantomVNM has quickly been compared as a boot that takes all that was great about the Hypervenom series and meshes it with the best of T90 Laser. For fans of the power category, this is an absolute dream combo. To create them, Nike took feedback from some of the world’s best finishers to produce a very attack focused boot. The PhantomVNM features a series of textured zones to facilitate a powerful strike, but with an understanding that all of the power in the world won’t score without the accuracy to keep the shot on goal. This emphasis is most evident along the instep’s Precision PWR strike zone. There is definite T90 DNA on display within these. Under inspection, you will find 13 blades on the instep’s precision PWR strike zone, set at specific angles and ascending heights. Let me strike a ball in them right now!

Something I’d point out about these is that they are the most unexpectedly comfortable on the market. Odd statement, right? Slipping the PhantomVNM on for the first time, I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t fit properly. In fact, I was a little nervous that they would cause blisters on my toes and heel. They had that type of fit starting out. But, I took a gamble and wore them in a short sided game, knowing I had a reliable back-up pair waiting on the sideline. Thankfully, they actually proved to be very comfortable, providing a responsive fit and feel right across your foot. Nike has done a good job of creating something that can be snug for narrow fitting players, yet gently stretch to compliment medium to wide fitting players.

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