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Up Close - adidas Nemeziz 19+ LE ADV - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Up Close – adidas Nemeziz 19+ LE ADV

Limited Edition adidas Nemeziz 19+ ADV

If laceless boots and multi-tonal colors are your thing, you might be interested to check out the just released adidas Nemeziz 19+ ADV.

As part of the adidas Polarize Pack that dropped earlier this summer, we have actually been left waiting for the official US release here in the US. This is a release that highlights true innovation through color, with the laceless boot taking on a dramatically flavorful rainbow effect through the TensionTape upper. Before actually seeing them in person, they seemed like a pretty simple style boot. But they are anything but! The colored bands are extremely vibrant and pop in dramatic effect against the primary white upper. And then underfoot, adidas has gone with a wild, iridescent style soleplate. Definitely designed to stand out.

Available right now at

Limited Edition adidas Nemeziz 19+ ADV Collar

Limited Edition adidas Nemeziz ADV Testing

If you are a Nemeziz 19+ fan then you will be well aware that they are geared around agility. This is the latest innovation in 360-degree agility, with the boot created specifically for those who play unpredictably and beat all opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement. And it comes together using a revolutionary upper construction that combines function and the visuals of tension, torsion and compression.

When you look down on the boots, you will notice there are three tightly wrapped, overlapping pieces of tape on either side that create the laceless design. There is also a band that runs across like a security belt just inside the opening. As a result, they are very tight. And that means they genuinely take a minute to get on your foot. BUT, other than the fact you have to fight to get them on our foot, they are surprisingly accommodating to wear. Once your foot is inside, you will notice there is an extra snug feel across the top of the midfoot, where the laces normally would exist. Then through the forefoot, they seem to open up and are very much suited to a larger fit.

If you do plan to pick up a pair, note that they are limited edition and come as a “one pair per customer” release. 

You can currently find them available for $329.99 at

Limited Edition adidas Nemeziz ADV Opening

Limited Edition adidas Nemeziz ADV Soleplate

Nemeziz 19+ ADV Released

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