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Le Coq Sportif: The Secret Of The 8 Studs

le coq sportif Roma 8

The below advertisement was posted in the April 20th 1983 edition of MATCH magazine.

In an effort to ensure these types of advertising are not lost to time, we are going to run a series of articles to archive them. We hope that is serves as a perfect way to remember old school boots, and the thought process put behind their design and development.

Zico is becoming a legend these days. In the top class of South American players, this Brazilian joins the great names in football history. When Zico plays it’s beautiful to behold. Thousands of miles away, Glenn Hoddle of Tottenham and Wim Kieft, Europe’s best goalscorer of 1982, spark off thunderous applause from the terraces. When Hoddle and Kieft play they mean business.

The secret of Zico, Glenn Hoddle and Kieft:

Yet these 3 players have one thing in common: their boots. Le Coq Sportif’s Roma 8, with exclusive novel features that set it apart. Just count the studs: there are 8, 2 at back and 6 at the front, every one scientifically placed to reduce pressure to a minimum. Roma 8s are more comfortable and less tiring. What’s more, they do not sink so much into the ground; an advantage in the wet. Finally there is greater adhesion. The foot does not slip so much on the ground.

8 Studs and that’s not all:

Roma 8s have many other strong points, such as the raised shank at the back, for example: the heel is raised by 6 mm and this gives it added drive to gain that tenth of a second which spells victory. And there’s another thing. The Roma 8 laces right up to the front of the foot and thus holds it securely yet comfortably. The special cut of the padded stiffener that protects the Achilles tendon yet gives full freedom of movement to prevent blisters. An inner sole reduces stud pressure and moulds to the contours of the foot.

These are just some of the Roma 8’s outstanding features, otherwise nothing has changed. Neither the quality of the carefully selected full grain leather nor the sturdiness of a sole designed to cope with the most extreme weather conditions. Le Coq Sportif has given the Roma 8 the benefit of all the experience it has in these matters for you can never do enough to merit the confidence of such champions as Zico, Glenn Hoddle and Wim Klieft.

What really matters is to keep lengths ahead at all times. A golden rule Le Coq Sportif shares with a great many champions all over the world.


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