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GuardForm – Custom Carbon Fiber Shin Guard Review

Guardform Shinguards Customized

A few weeks back, we were offered the opportunity to create a custom pair of shin guards by GuardForm. Honestly, it is an offer we have got from several companies in the past. But this time around, the offer was different. First, I just recently lost my C6 Agility guards, and second was the fact this was a pair of legit ultra light 3K carbon fiber shin guards. We are not talking about your generic guards here, we are talking about a high quality, ultra lightweight guard that could be customized with some of the most important parts of my life.

So, I took up the opportunity.

The process was super easy and fast. When it comes to customization, you have two options on offer; create your own design or work alongside one of GuardForm’s designers to create the look you want. I played around with the pre-designed templates and the process was simple. If you have time to invest and a creative mind, it is a fun way to create your own look. But ultimately, I decided to have a GuardForm designer create a look for me. For this, I provided a general guideline of what I wanted to see, they created a draft of how it would look on the guards. It adds $20 to the final price, but the end result was better than I expected and in my opinion, paid for itself.

Custom Guardform Shin Guards

Guardform shin guards review

Since receiving them, they have become my go to guard. When they arrive, the first thing you will notice is how impressive the packaging is. Tucked neatly inside a very secure box, you will find the guards and a special pair of guard sleeves to help keep them tucked in securely under your socks. Their shape is perfect around the shin, without any pressure points. What makes them special is how thin and lightweight they are, with some of the best protection that you can get on the market. They aren’t as thin as the incredible C6 Agility, as they have an added layer of PORON padding for enhanced impact resistance. Holding them in your hand, they are mind-blowingly lightweight.

And in case you were wondering, the right guard features my family name, Irish flag and the important people in my life. While the left features the website name, US flag and my current Sunday league team name + number.

Retail wise, you can customize your own pair for $59.95 on the GuardForm website, which is an excellent investment considering you are getting a pair of personally customized guards that offer top quality protection and will last for several seasons.

If you have any questions about the process, message GuardForm on Instagram.

Guardform Customized Shinguards

How Thin Are Guardform Guards

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