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First Reaction to the Nike Phantom GT Elite!

Nike Phantom GT Review

The Nike Phantom GT Elite is a boot that has arrived on the market with a lot of expectations, bearing the responsibility of replacing both the PhantomVSN and PhantomVNM. That is a lot of pressure for one boot to take on, but you know the Swoosh enjoys that!

Over the past week, we have been play testing a pair, and felt the need to bring some initial reactions to how they perform right now. Normally we hold off on a first reaction until the actual review, but below are some important notes in case you are looking to pick up a pair right now.

Nike Phantom GT Upper Touch and Control

Nike Phantom GT Heel Design

“Supped Up Hypervenom Phantom”

This could be one of the boldest claims I have ever made about a boot, but it is so true. The Phantom GT is like a supped up version of the original Hypervenom Phantom. There is an air of similarity between both release. You hold them side by side and you can see how Nike has taken the original as inspiration, feeding off the fandom that was built by the Hypervenom silo. Even though the texturing across the upper of the boot is far different, the general characteristics performance wise fall along the same path.

In fact, I’m pretty confident that this is what Nike was looking to achieve. They knew how well the Hypervenom Phantom worked, and wanted to build off them rather than trying to upgrade and improve the VNM or VSN again. The concept of building of a boot that is tried and trusted makes it a lot easier to develop the next best boot.

Nike Phantom GT VNM VSN

Fit and Feel On Foot

Out of the box, I was a little bit nervous about how the Phantom GT would feel on foot. They look like they would be stiff and a little rigid. Thankfully, I can confirm that it is quite the opposite. I have to admit that the first time I wore them was for some soccer tennis action, so not exactly a game like situation. But it was enough playing time to establish how comfortable they are to break in. There is padding in the right areas, and the upper molds very comfortably right around your foot. When you can wear a boot and not think about the fact you are wearing that boot, you have something that fits right.

I’d rate them as a true to size option, no need to switch away from what you normally wear in the VSN or VNM line-up. And there is actually a lot more space in the forefoot cavity than you would imagine. So, they definitely fit the mold of a medium/wide fitting option.

How do I Rate Them?

Already, the answer is very highly. They are comfortable on foot, provide some extra grip on the ball via the Generative Texture upper without being too sticky, and offer a smooth feel while striking shots. I still plan to wear them a few times more before writing up a review, but as it stands, they are one of the best boots so far in 2020 – along with the UA Clone Magnetico Pro, of course!

In summary, if you are considering a pair of Phantom GT, know that I definitely approve. I do still have a lot to learn, like for example how the materials perform over time, but my initial reaction is to be very impressed. Nike has pieced them together with a purpose, taking direction from another very significant boot that still has a huge fanbase.

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Nike Phantom GT how do they fit

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