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Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless JNR Boot Review

adidas Nemeziz Youth Boot Review

Today, I have been testing the adidas Nemeziz 19.3 laceless. When I first saw these, they looked interesting. The top where usually the laces would be, instead there was a stretch fabric material that overlapped in dark blue. The color design on the outside was very interesting as well. Lines of light green and dark blue overlapped each other. They kind of look like someone took a paint brush and just painted a random design. And on the side written in black was printed, “NEMEZIZ” with the adidas sign also in black.

*This review is part of our series that come directly from a youth soccer player, for youth soccer players. Check out Mckinley’s bio at the bottom of the review.

How do they Fit?

When I tried these on, they slipped on pretty easily. I really liked that. When I had the cleats on, the heel to the mid part of the boot (including where the laceless area is) felt like it fit well. These boots were definitely for a narrower foot though. I have a wider foot so they felt a little uncomfortable around the toes. These boots were pretty tight so when I went to strike the ball it went flying in the air.

Kids adidas Nemeziz

Kids Nemeziz Upper Design

adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Jnr

Touch and Control on the Ball

When I went to control the ball it felt easy, like I could make the ball stop right on my foot. The outside has an odd feel because it isn’t smooth but it also isn’t too rough. So, it was easy to kick the ball as I ran with it and it didn’t go too far from me. Also, I didn’t have a lot of space between the top where the laces are to the bottom where the studs are, so they were tight that way too.

Compared to:

Versus other boots, I thought these ones were pretty tight. But, I do like that you can strike a ball hard. I think I would like these boots more if my foot was narrower or they had some more room inside. These are good boots for a narrow foot. One of the reasons I prefer the Nike Superfly 7 JNR is because there was more space for my foot in the front of the boot, around my toes. That was more comfortable.


I think other kids would like them because:

  • I do like the colors and the style.
  • The collar has a really nice stretch feel.
  • How easy they are to get on for a laceless boot.
  • Even though they’re easy to get on, there pretty tight. So when they are on, you can strike the ball hard and keep the boot on.

You can find these boots available at

Nemeziz Kids Edition On Feet

About Mckinley Byrne

Mckinley plays soccer for the 2011 Green Storm. Her goal is to help other youth soccer players find the right soccer cleats for them. Its her dream to one day be a soccer star. Her favorite player is Alex Morgan.

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