Wednesday , January 25 2023

What is So Special About the Balenciaga $725 Boots?

Balenciaga $725 boots

In case you missed them, Balenciaga included a new line-up of $725 soccer cleats with their 2020 collection. Yes, you read that right, $725.

First, you might be asking who or what in the world is Balenciaga is? Well, they are a luxury fashion house based in Paris, founded in 1917 by Basque designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. It is basically a chic brand for those with enough money to buy their products.

What makes these boots so special? Well, other than the visual branding, not a whole lot really. They are actually made of matte technical polyurethane, so there is no leather included anywhere on the boot. You are getting a synthetic upper. Other key features include an “elasticated rubber tongue…..13 cleats on each sole…..and a round toe.” Oh, and they do come with a dust cloth and in a box, so I guess that makes up for the added money you are investing in a pair. Yikes!

Ultimately, I’d advise you get yourself two pairs of Mizuno MIJ boots instead for $500. But, if you have silly money to burn, here is where you can find your own pair.

Balenciaga Boots for $700

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