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Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro Match Ball Review

Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro Match Ball

The official match ball of Mexico’s top professional league comes from a brand some of you might not have heard of; the Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro. It holds a fire like visual pattern, matching up to the intensity and energetic pace of Liga MX action.

Over the past few weeks, we have been knocking it around and using it in practice to see what it has on offer.

Lets start with the tech specs…..

  • Ball Type: FIFA Quality Pro.
  • Level of Play: Designed for use on match days or high performance training.
  • Casing Material: Textured polyurethane.
  • Bladder Material: Butyl bladder for best air retention.
  • Panels: Features 20 lightly dimpled panels.

And there are two other performance elements that elevate it into the pro level category….

  • Dynamic Shock Absorber (DSA) cushioning with four internal polycell layers reduces impact during play. Special sealing treatment minimizes absorption.
  • Made with Intelligent Energy Flow (IEF), an internal inflation chamber that distributes the flow of energy. Ball becomes less deformed on impact and maintains balance.

Voit Match Ball

How Does It Feel To Play With?

So, we have been using this ball for the past few weeks in practice and some scrimmages – no competitive games recently. The first thing you will notice about it is the dimple design on the surface. It is like a toned down version of the one found on the Nike Ordem from a few years back. What we know about that ball is that it found success, so Voit are definitely on the right track with their design. If you are wondering what the purpose of those dimples is, the answer is to enhance the aerodynamic movement of the ball, allowing air to stream quickly past the surface as it moves through the air. And second, it offers a little extra definition to improve touch and close control.

First time playing with it, I felt like the ball was slightly underinflatted. It had just been pumped it and started some juggling. Initially, I’d compare it as heavy, and I couldn’t get that pop as it bounced off my foot. So, I moved on to pinging shots, where it really started to improve. Striking it, the pop was a lot more natural and the ball really took flight in the air. After knocking it around for 15 to 20 minutes, I went back to juggling and it was still missing the pop I was expecting.

In game like situations, I had the opportunity to dribble at speed and work with it in tight playing spaces. This is where it really excelled and reminded me even more of the Ordem. The surface is clean and really gives you that natural touch you need to build confidence in what you are doing.

Design Notes

Yes, it features and very unique pattern that makes it unmistakable on-pitch. We are talking shades of red, orange and purple that create the appearance of fiery flames. In person, it does look cheaper than other pro-model balls, not quite as luxurious as what adidas and Nike offer. And i guess that is where it falls short. The question then, of course, is if you are looking an aesthetically pleasing ball, or one that offers quality performance for its price!

Retail Details

The one nice thing is the price range, with its $84 price tag making it available as one of the most affordable match balls on the market. In my opinion, they offer excellent value for what you are getting. No, it isn’t a brand name, but in reality it is probably made in a very similar factory and you are spending a lot less to get your hands on it! Definitely a ball to put on your shortlist of options.

Find the Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro available at

Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro

Voit Clausura Liga MX Pro Ball

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