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Jack Grealish from Hypervenom Phantom to Phantom GT2

Jack Grealish Boots

I spotted a picture of Jack Grealish’s unmistakable calves last week, and noticed he was also wearing a pair of the latest Nike Phantom GT2 Elite boots. It brought back memories of the story of his Championship playoff boots, and the journey he has taken since wearing them.

It was May 2019 and Grealish was playing with Aston Villa in the Championship Playoff final. On display was an unmistakable pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite that had became his “Lucky Boots.” After returning from injury, he had scored a few goals while wearing them and didn’t want to make a switch into another pair. He literally wore them until they were worn down to the core, with the upper layer pealed off the forefoot.

You can read the full story and see his post game interview here.

Jack Grealish Nike Boots

Fast forward several years, and now with the tag of most expensive English player ever he has a choice of any boot he wants. As it turns out, that would be the latest Nike Phantom GT2 Elite, he hasn’t switched brand and there is an obvious connection with the style of boot. And wouldn’t you know it, his current pair are proving to be equally as lucky! This week he scored his first international goal while wearing them.

Angles and lines intersect with color blocks to create a very unmistakable look on field. Built for the game’s most creative playmakers, the Phantom GT is one of the most data-driven boots Nike has ever created. Based on years of Nike lab research, the Generative Texture (where the ‘GT’ comes from) across the upper provides precise touch and control when shooting, passing and dribbling.

Jack Grealish Nike Boots

Nike Motivation Pack Phantom GT

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