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Biñho Board – What Is It And Should You Get One?

Biñho Board

If you are looking for a super fun new game that is easy to play and can be setup anywhere, you’ve gotta check out a Biñho Board. Around 3 weeks ago, I had a buddy bring over his board and we played for hours. Since, I’ve picked up my own board and it has already become a favorite game in the house!

So, what is Biñho? It is basically a game where you flick a little soccer ball, alternate shots from where the ball lands, with the intent of getting around the defensive 4-5-1 metal peg formation and score in the net. First to 7 goals wins. As easy as that sounds, you actually have to work the angles and play some deft shots in order to get through to the goal. And as you’d imagine, a little lady luck also comes in really handy throughout a game!

Biñho Board Late Night Game

You can attempt to flick the ball up in the air, but knock it off the table and you get a yellow card, twice and it is a red. Yes, there are actual cards that come so you can quickly send off an opposing players metal player. And there are some other rules, like double flick equals a yellow card, which are all explained in the rule book.

But the best thing about it is the game is designed to be simple, with unlimited ways you can play. For example, we have played 5vs5 by removing several metal pegs (each peg can be removed from the board.) There is a lot of scoring – just gotta make sure you are not the first person to miss and you should be fine. We have also played left hand flicks only, and there has definitely been some family doubles games. Even my 6 year old loves playing, although he does try to sneak in some double flicks from time to time.

Biñho Board Classic Soccer Game

Biñho Board Removable Players

The table is easy to set up and take down, so you can play anywhere that you can carry it. When it arrives, you screw in the players and the metal pins that hold the side walls up. So, it can be stored flat with a little bag that holds the pins, balls and yellow cards. We already have plans to take it on a group trip to Mexico in a few weeks, with game time set for the beach!

Each game comes with 2 Biñho balls, 2 scoring pieces, and 2 yellow/red playing cards and a Binho Rule Card all within a Biñho box.

I’m super stoked to have a board in my possession and it has already got plenty of use in our house. Price wise, it drops in around the $100 mark, which is excellent value considering what you are getting – a game that everyone who sees it will want to play! Trust me, get some friends around to play and it will be an instant hit.

There are different ways you can buy a board. You can go directly through the Biñho website, with an upgrade “create your own board” option available, or you find the classic board (as pictured) available at

Biñho Board Playability

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  1. Great post! I’m really considering getting a Binho board after learning about its benefits. Do you have any recommendations on which board to buy?

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