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How To Clean Your Dirty Soccer Cleats

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Why Take Care Of Soccer Cleats?

Whether you play on muddy firm ground soccer pitches or hot artificial turf fields, it is important to invest time in cleaning your soccer cleats. From the durability of the upper material on the outside, to how they smell inside, spending time taking care of soccer cleats can play a huge role in how long you get to use them.


After practice or your game, remove your soccer cleats and allow them to start airing out. It is likely they will be sweaty inside, so allowing them to breath will help them dry quicker. It is also important to remember they shouldn’t be worn on hard surfaces, like concrete or pavement as it can damage the cleats. If you have a boot cleaner, use it outside to start the cleaning process.


If there is remaining dirt on the soleplate, knock it off. Use a Boot Buddy, a soft bristle brush or even something as simple as a toothbrush to scrape off any remaining dirt that might be sitting between the cleats. Then, use a dry rag or dry wipe to clear off any dust and dirt on the boots upper. This is especially important with leather boots.


If your boot has laces, loosen them up so that the boots can continue to air out. When you get home, take them out of your soccer cleat bag and clean any remaining dirt off with a wet rag or wet wipe. Again, a Boot Buddy comes in very handy here.


Leave your boots in a dry area, preferably in your garage where they are not exposed to the sun and the smell won’t stink up your house. Placing them on a Shoe Dryer will help speed up the process. Another option, if you have some newspaper available, it can be stuffed inside the cleats. This helps soak up any excess sweat and help reduce stinky scents.


Optional steps include washing the insoles and laces. Remember to take them out of the boots, rather than washing the entire boot, which can damage the upper and soleplate materials. Using leather food to help condition the upper of leather soccer cleats is also an idea worth considering, while using a shoe dryer to speed up the drying process will help with long term durability.

Boot Buddy Soccer Cleaning Tool

Tools That Can Help

  • Mr. Boot Cleaner –  if you want a simple way to knock all the grass and mud off your boots, start with a boot cleaner. Ideally, you have it outside where all the debris that falls off can easily be swept away.
  • Boot Buddy – the ideal companion for cleaning mud off your cleats. All you need to do is fill the Boot Buddy with water, squeeze the bottle on the side while using the bristles to rub off any excess mud and dirt. A squirt of water helps remove anything sitting on the surface. From testing it, I can confirm that it works really well and is a worthwhile investment.
  • Shoe Dryer – when you get home from soccer, it is really important to take your soccer cleats out of your bag so that they can dry. Having a shoe dryer to sit the cleats on will really prove beneficial as a low blast of air will circulate and remove any excess water/sweat in quick time. This also helps when it comes to removing stinky smells, especially over time.
  • Soccer Cleat Bag – If you do play on a wet and muddy pitch, you are going to a way to get your cleats home without messing up everything else in your bag. Having an actual cleat bag will give you somewhere to store them until you get home. But again, make sure to take them out to be cleaned and dried as soon as you get home!

Is there anything else that you do to keep your boots clean and in top condition? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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