Tuesday , February 27 2024

Jim Gauthier

Jim is a a licensed massage therapist with a vast knowledge of anatomy and injury. When he is not healing people with his magical abilities, Jim's goal is to provide everyday players with in-depth knowledge from an amateur players perspective. Find him on his Facebook Page for any personal questions or injury help!

Adidas Predator Absolion LZ – Boot Review

Adidas Absolion LZ (c)

Absolion’s have always been top notch boots. I’ve  been a fan of the mid tier predators since I got my first pair in high school. They manage to keep a lot of the performance properties and technology of their top tier versions without breaking bank which makes them great options …

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Adidas Ultimate Fleece Hoodies – Fall Fashion

Fall is here and temperatures are slowly beginning to dip down, that crisp autumn scent is in the air. Time to break out the hoodies! Here in New England having a proper hoodie is a staple of fall fashion for either sex, every New Englander has at least one hooded …

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Underarmour Alter Ego – Superhero Collection

As the resident comic book geek on the SC101 team, I was quite excited to hear that Under Armour is now catering to a new demographic. Cashing in on the recent rise in superhero popularity underarmour have created an alter ego line staring some of the most popular superheros. They …

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Team Favorites – Best Boots Worn of All Time

Recent releases aren’t always the best releases. Over the years, there have been plenty of top releases that, in their time, were considered the greatest boots to be released. A select few have even weathered the test of time such as the adidas Copa Mundial and still finds favor with …

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Nike Mercurial Miracle III – Boot Review

Nike Miracle III soccer cleats

As far as mid-tier boots go, you can’t get much better quality than the Nike Miracle III. In fact, I wouldn’t really consider them mid-tier because they can probably out perform not only past Miracles but a lot of Vapors too! They weigh in at a light 8.2oz, which is impressive …

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Nike Bomba Finale II – The Review

Nike Bomba Finale II Toe

After a long stint as the top turf boot on the market the Bomba Finale finally got a successor. The Nike Bomba Finale II is unrecognizable from the previous Bomba finale, it seems to more closely resemble the Hypervenom as they both utilize NikeSkin in the upper. There has been …

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What Cleats Would They Wear? Comic Book Edition

Superhero Boots

The concept for this article came about when I got strep a few weeks back. The fever coupled with heavy duty medication kinda put my head through a trip. During this time many random thoughts came to my mind. One of them was “What cleats would superheroes wear if they …

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Senda Apex XLS NFHS Match Ball Review

Senda Apex Ball

If you’ve gone through the high school soccer circuit has had experience with some pretty low quality soccer balls. The issue is that during game play the ball can’t be switched up with a better ball because like any other league they are assigned a specific match ball. I’ve gone …

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Shock Doctor Knee Brace Quartet Review

Shock Doctor Knee Braces

We all know knee injuries can take their toll. If you haven’t experienced one personally you probably know several people who have. The knee is a pretty important and sturdy structure but there are many things that can go wrong with it. Just check out the article I wrote about …

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KT or Kinesiology Tape – Whats it all About?

Bale with KT

I think that at this point we’ve all seen at least one professional athlete with unusual looking black tape on an arm, leg, shoulder or even on their ribs. This tape is called Kinesiology Tape or a lot of people will refer to it simply as KT. A lot of professional athletes, and many …

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What Not To Do, Pre and Post Injury!

Messi Knee Injury

No matter what level you are playing at injury is always a risk. But at all levels there are a few basic things that we all do, or don’t do, that can potentially lead to injury or extend the healing time. We also tend to not take care of ourselves …

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The Knee; Anatomy, Injury, Care and Prevention

The knee. One of the most important (after the hip but before the ankle) and easy to injure joint for us soccer players. Every one knows at least one team mate or fellow player who has had their soccer playing career cut short or delayed by a knee injury. My …

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Death of the T90, Birth of the Hypervenom!

Hypervenom vs T90 Laser

After a successful run with the Total 90 range, Nike has bid farewell to the power boot and replaced it with an “agility” boot – the Hypervenom.  The T90 was arguably Nike’s least popular model, so it isn’t a complete surprise that they replaced the range with the all new …

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