Thursday , December 3 2020

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Puma evoSPEED 1.2 Review

evoSPEED detailing

When it comes to speed boots, Puma know what they are doing and they usually do it well. Case in point, this latest evoSPEED 1.2 release. With the likes of Sergio Aguero and Radamel Falcao endorsing the range, you can tell there are some key characteristics that define the type of player …

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Top 5 Boots For Injury Prevention and Protection

Injured Foot

One question I’m frequently asked is “What cleats should I wear?”, followed up with a story of related too sprained ankles, sprained knee ligaments, torn muscles or broken bones. Right now the main focus on the market today isn’t so much injury prevention or protection as it it creating a high …

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Fathers Day – “Soccer Is Your Life”

Soccer Is Your Life

In need of a different but really awesome gift for a soccer crazy Dad? If the answer is YES, then we have a pretty sweet deal to help you get one of our inspirational prints in time and at a discounted rate, this includes our pretty famous “Soccer Is Your Life” …

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Tips and Tricks for Treating Sore Muscles: Legs

Tight, sore and achy muscles – there have been more than a few times on the field where I’ve felt like muscle soreness has held me back. One simple thing every player can do to boost their performance is self care to reduce these aches and pains. The most simple …

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eBay Sell-Off Event – Tested Boots for Sale

Sale Boots

I’m currently in the final stage of a move, and as a result I have a bunch of boots that need to passed on to new owners rather than sitting in storage for the next few months! Sadly, several of these pairs I am having a tough time parting with …

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Soccer + Golf = FOOTGOLF! Live Tweet Sunday

This weekend, the inaugural California Footgolf Challenge 2013 takes part at River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard, CA. For those of you not familiar with Footgolf, it is basically golf played soccer style. In other words, you kick a soccer ball and try and get it from the tee box …

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Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial – Basketball Meets Soccer

How awesome is this Nike KOBE 8 MAMBACURIAL release! For those of you that don’t know, Kobe Bryant actually grew up in Italy and he is a pretty avid soccer fan. With that in mind, Nike has combined the power of the Mercurial soccer cleat into a Basketball shoe and this is …

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World Of Boots – April 2013 Recap

April Boot Recap

We are back with another monthly recap post, although to be honest, April was about as quite as things get around here. Well, let me rephrase that – we were super busy putting unique content together; it was the companies who seemed to take a breather as they prepare for …

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PFA Team Of The Year and The Boots They Are Wearing

In traditional fashion, the English Premier League PFA awards were handed out this weekend, right as the league season starts to wrap up. It might seem odd to name the team and player of the year before the season actually ends, but at this stage the appropriate players are being …

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If Ray Hudson Reviewed Boots – Cristiano Ronaldo Vapor IX Edition

Ray Hudson Reviews Boots

We are back with another edition of our “If Ray Hudson Reviewed Boots” series, this time the focus is on one Cristiano Ronaldo and his personalized Nike Vapor IX. Is there a more entertaining commentator than Ray Hudson anywhere out there? When it comes to off the cuff punditry, I …

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Boots That Make You Say “Whaaaattt?” – Top 10 List

Top 10 What Soccer Cleats

The strange, the odd, the curious…… Every so often, we will be treated to a boot that offers a new look to the market. And then there are boots that make us do a double look and take at least 5 minutes to really get our heads around. This list …

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Why The Extreme Shift To Lightweight Boots?

Here is a pretty important topic that I’m very eager to get reader feedback on. In your opinion, what do you think of the dramatic shift we are currently seeing toward lightweight boots? It seems that every company is focusing on releasing lighter and lighter boots – and I’m not …

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Emmanuel Frimpong Gets Custom Mr. Dheo Boots

Remember those Custom Balotelli boots we brought you last week? Well, the artist known as MrDheo also has a custom pair he designed for Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong. The look is extremely different, but I dig these a lot. For this one, Mr. Dheo took a pair of Puma evoSPEED’s and …

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Mario Balotelli Gets Custom Mr. Dheo Boots

There is absolutely no way we are going to see Mario Balotelli wear these boots in a game anytime soon, but kudos to artist Mr. Dheo for creating a pretty extraordinary customized pair! Everything about them pretty much sums up our opinions of Super Mario. The guy likes to be …

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