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Top 10 Performing Soccer Cleats Of 2013

Best Boots of 2013

How could we round out the year without bringing to you our list of the best of the best boots from 2013. It has been an extremely tough process whittling down the list, with a definite 5 other boots that could easily have cracked their way into the top 10. For example, the new Tiempo V has been performing blissfully, but it hit the market just a little too late to be included. The Puma evoSPEED was a tough one to leave out, while the Copa Mundial will be a controversial non-runner, a boot that consistently holds a place in many players hearts – only for the introduction of the pesky Premier this year!

Just to note, I have tested each and every one of the boots on the list, so I do have valid experience to be able to compare each against one another. Understandably, some players will have their own bias toward a boot that works best for them or a particular style – we encourage you to leave your thoughts and suggested inclusions in the comment section below.

This is our list of Top 10 Performing Soccer Cleats Of 2013!

Diadora DD-NA GLX 14

No. 10 – Diadora DD-NA

Diadora entered the lightweight market with this 6.4oz speed boot in 2013 and they were an absolute delight. We frequently recognize the Italian company for their consistent comfort, but to create a boot like this they needed to challenge the norm. Thankfully, these are just as comfortable and the thin upper provides a pitch-perfect balance between protection and feel on the ball. Kudos to Diadora on what they were able to achieve with this release!

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Nike Premier Soccer Cleats

No. 9 – Nike Premier

Thanks to 2 years of extensive research, Nike found a way to successfully challenge the age-perfect Adidas Copa Mundial. The leather upper is buttery soft and provides a timeless look. But don’t be fooled by the extremely simple, traditional visuals of the Premier – Nike has gone to extreme lengths in producing a boot that is as modern as it comes in terms of technology. They are comfortable and perform very well. This is the type of boot I expect to see continually showing up as a player favorite over the next few years.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom Review

No. 8 – Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Even from release, fans were well informed about exactly what the Hypervenom had to offer, and it wasn’t anything like the T90 Laser range. Nike retired the latter and created a boot with a new level of performance. Agility is the focus and players like Neymar, Lewandowski and Wayne Rooney have adopted them as their boot choice with ease. There is definitely room for this one to sit higher on the list, but I have some reservations with the sizing as they are not as snug as I’d like them to be (all be it they are intended to offer a slightly wider foot)

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Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0

No. 7 – Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0

Another boot that took on a new level of performance was the Nitrocharge. Designed using an extremely unusually looking EnergySling across the forefoot, Adidas worked with the folks at Opta to define a player called the “Engine”. It was an unexpected move but one that has allowed the boot to prosper with midfield players and anyone willing to work an extra shift on the pitch. A good boot that has definitely added value to the market this year.

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Adidas adiPure 11Pro Samba

No. 6 – Adidas adiPure 11Pro 2

In an effort to increase their presence before next summers World Cup, Adidas released an updated series of boots as part of a Samba Collection. The adiPure received an unexpected revamp, but it was one that dramatically improved the performance of the silo. The highlight was the inclusion of cross stitching on the forefoot. It improves touch on the ball, while also improving the overall appearance of the boot.

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Asics DS top10

No. 5 – Asics DS Light X-Fly

I doubt many people have had an opportunity to test the DS Light X-Fly, which is pretty unfortunate considering the level of performance they provide. From the low profile, k-leather upper to the perfectly balanced soleplate, they leave you wanting to wear them at every opportunity. Asics know how to create a comfortable shoe and that is extremely evident on this release. At their price point (over $200) it is a boot that can be a gamble for players to splurge on, but even so I’d recommend players take a chance on them!

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Vapor IX Supernova

No. 4 – Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

How can the boot that graces the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo not be on this list? It takes the #4 spot, which might not be as high as some would expect but that is testiment to the performance of other boots currently on the market. The Vapor is lightweight, explosive speed at the highest level and those that wear them will attest to the great touch they offer. There are two different versions of the boot knocking around, one with a dimpled texture upper and the other smooth (as per the CR version above). personally, I prefer the smooth version best.

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Puma King 2013 Review

No. 3 – Puma King 2013

And then there is the Puma King 2013, a boot that proved to be a very surprise addition to my boot arsenal this year. For long periods, they served as my “go to” boot and provided pure consistency with total comfort when needed. Puma controversially removed a traditional k-leather upper and introduced a calf-skin leather. It seems like a lot of companies are going this way and thankfully in this case it didn’t prove to be a negative. On artificial surfaces, the stud configuration is a dream and stands as one of the leading choices I recommend. What sets these so high on the list (and ahead of the Vapor) is their price point, and they are a true value for money option in that area.

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Mizuno Morelia Neo

No. 2 – Mizuno Morelia Neo

It took several years of pushing, but finally Mizuno entered the US market and they have a top selection of boots on offer. The Ignitus could easily have found its way onto this list but it is the Morelia Neo that currently stands as their leading performer. In terms of comfort, they are fantastic and the fit is so natural you feel like you are running barefoot. But they offer solid protection and I can’t think of another boot that provides optimal touch on the ball while also standing the test when striking shots. I love the feel as you strike shots on frame or play long balls across field. They cost a pretty penny, but you get what you pay for!

Complete Mizuno Morelia Neo Review to follow in the next few days!

adiZero Samba

No. 1 – Adidas F50 adiZero

If this list was composed in October, the F50 adiZero would still be in the 10, but it wouldn’t sit in top spot. But, Adidas made some modifications to their Samba release and the fine-tuning has worked out really, really well.  This is a very high performing boot that suits its intended purpose exceptionally well. They are lightweight, offer great feel on the ball, are durable thanks to the inclusion of HybridTouch through the forefoot. It is a much softer synthetic material and allows the upper to really mold around your forefoot. Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Edison Cavani and Luis Suarez are just a few of the world class players you can find wearing these right now!

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  1. Great list, a little surprised the Wave Ignitus 3 never made the cut.

  2. Hey guys, I have a short survey on the MLS. I desperately need responses so I hope you guys can help me:

  3. Good list it is nice to see some of the smaller companies (IE not Nike or Adidas) represented. I have to say that while I haven't tried any boot in the one through six spots, I think very highly of the Nitrocharge and was surprised to see it excluded.

    Also were boots that were initially released in 2012 excluded even if they continued to be produced throughout 2013? That would explain the absence of the CTR360.

  4. On the nitrocharge post, you have a picture of the 2.0, not 1.0. Great review, though I'm surprised that the Vapors were even on the list.

  5. Hello Cristiano,

    I know it's difficult to take that your boot didn't win the top performing boot of 2013, so you have a reason to be a bit upset. However, you may need to adjust your spectacles as this isn't a review, it's an opinion piece on what boots Bryan thinks were the best performing boots of the year. So I'd counter that the only thing that is "Totally shit" (your words, not mine) happen to be your reading comprehension skills. Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions you may have 🙂

    Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

    Richard Wyatt
    SC101 Writer and Sarcasm Peddler

    • Wow Richard…it isn't a true "comment section" without someone insulting someone's reading skills. Always glad to see the writers from the website willing to stoop to a troll's level instead of taking the high road. Can't wait to see you jumping on someone for messing up "your" and "you're"…I'm sure that you will make them feel the sting of your blade…

  6. Wow! I’m really surprised at a speed boot being your top performing boot. This is a bit of a shock given your usual preference for traditional boots. Great flexibility and totally warranted. Great job Bryan.

  7. what about the lethal zones?

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