Friday , February 3 2023

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Umbro Speciali 3 in Black/Blue Released

Hot off the initial release of the Umbro Speciali 3, there is another new time-honored colorway available for players to choose from! The most impressive part is that we have the first exclusive images of the boots, to give you an up-close and personal view of just how they look. …

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Puma King Finale SL Released

There is a traditional look about this release, but under the hood the offer what you don’t expect! The new Puma King Finale SL weighs in at a pretty appetizing 7.9oz, which represents a 1.3oz drop from the regular King Finale. Off course, it is the regions where the boot …

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Puma V1.11 in Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch

The first Spring looking release of the year has hit the market, coming in the form of the Puma V1.11. We are pretty familiar with eccentric releases from Puma and this Dresden Blue/White/Lime Punch offers a combo of colors that sway well away from tradition. Reaction to the release has …

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Puma PowerCat 1.12 in Black/Dark Shadow/Lime Punch

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that simply looking at pictures of this new colorway in the Puma PowerCat 1.12 series really doesn’t do them justice. It comes in an official Black/Dark Shadow/White/Lime Punch, but the Dark Shadow upper that sits around the ankle region offers an almost …

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Adidas F50 adiZero in Phantom/Electricity

If you are a fan of the Adidas F50 adiZero range, but have not yet found the right colorway, Adidas has released a new Phantom/White/Electricity version that incorporates a recent release with very atypical colors. From what we have seen so far, this is one of the better looking releases …

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Umbro Geometra Pro in White/Red/Kingfisher

We have seen some excellent releases from Umbro in recent times, and this colorway release in the Geometra Pro range continues to increase their stock. This is officially the White/Red/Kingfisher colorway, as debuted over the past few weekends in the EPL – you might have spotted players such as Liverpool’s …

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Exclusive 11vELEVEN Deal!

You might have spotted the shout-out I gave to the Manchester United Subway print I put up on my office wall last week. Well, after seeing the response it had and having spoken to the guys at 11vELEVEN about it, they have offered up an exclusive deal for SoccerCleats101 readers …

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Just Arrived – Nike Tiempo Flight

Tiempo Flight (c)

As part of my effort to review the lower tier releases this year, last week I picked up a pair of Nike Tiempo Flight. Having had them a few days, I have barely let them out of my sight. “Why?” you ask. Well, to be quite frank, from first impression …

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Puma Speed Star Indoor Shoe

Puma Speed Star Upper

A pair of Puma Speed Star’s arrived in the door last week, and although I haven’t had an opportunity to test them yet, I did get a chance to snap some sweet shots of them. Over the past few days I have spotted some ridiculous deals on them – so …

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WSS “Year of the Dragon” 2-Day Boot Sale

That’s right – WorldSoccerShop are having a flash 2-day boot sale in honor of the Chinese New Year, and the “Year of the Dragon“! You will never hear me complaining about a sale, no-matter what the reason for it is – and the deals during this sale are sure to …

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Umbro GT2 Pro in Black/White/Acid Green

The second colorway in the Umbro GT2 Pro has been released and this one continues Umbro’s attempts to capture the attention of the market with outlandish designs! The official colorway is a Black/White/Acid Green, with the colors blending together in a very unusual fashion throughout. The black area also looks …

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Diadora DD Eleven in Silver/Royal/White

No stranger to audacious colorways, this latest release in the Diadora DD Eleven range is designed for players who are brimming in confidence and not afraid to have other players laugh at their style! I have to be honest, these things just look plain old funky. Given the fact that …

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