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Adidas F50 adiZero in Metsilver/Infrared Released

Next up in the Adidas F50 adiZero Leather series comes this pretty tasty looking Metsilver/Infrared/Black colorway. If there was a look that emphasized exactly what the current F50 series is all about, this would be it! The Metsilver represents “newness”, with the miCoach system creating a completely fresh experience. The …

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Adidas F50 adiZero Black/Infrared Released

Who doesn’t love a good old Blackout release in their favorite range. Well, if you are an Adidas F50 adiZero fan, you have an opportunity to pick up a Blackout – with a little bit of extra detailing as a twist. Coming in a Black/Black/Infrared, there are sure to be …

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Adidas F50 adiZero in Black/Electricity/Warning

The other new release in the Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach series comes in this slightly more appealing Black/Electricity/Warning colorway. The colorway is rather unique and it will obviously be pretty easy to spot in-game, although the black primary color does add a more modern and classic look. I am highlighting …

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Adidas F50 adiZero in Anodized Blue/Slime

Adidas has released a Leather and Synthetic version of this latest colorway in the F50 adiZero series. It comes in a very vibrant Anodized Blue/White/Slime and follows-up the recent adiZero Prime release in the same color, minus some detailing. In my opinion, these offer a better look even though this …

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Adidas F50 adiZero in White/Anodized Blue/Slime

Continuing in the long line of Adidas releases this week comes this new White/Anodized Blue/Slime colorway that is exclusive to the regular F50 adiZero line. in other words, you won’t see these in a Prime version. But, Adidas are giving players the option of choosing between a leather or synthetic …

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Adidas adizero FG Leather Review

Adidas has created something unique with their new F50 adizero range. If you had a chance to read the Synthetic review last week, you will be familiar with the fact that these are the lightest soccer cleats on the market. But there are several rather large differences between the Synthetic …

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