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Adidas F50 adiZero in White/Anodized Blue/Slime - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Adidas F50 adiZero in White/Anodized Blue/Slime

Leather adidas F50 adizero White Anodized Blue

Continuing in the long line of Adidas releases this week comes this new White/Anodized Blue/Slime colorway that is exclusive to the regular F50 adiZero line. in other words, you won’t see these in a Prime version. But, Adidas are giving players the option of choosing between a leather or synthetic version. In my opinion, this is an extremely smart move as it not only gives players the ultimate say, but it will also be a guide for Adidas to understand which range is currently more popular!

I personally like this new colorway. It is simple yet the inclusion of a light blue and green creates a sleek look. You will stand out without having to worry about being overly flashy. I have had the opportunity to test both the Synthetic and Leather F50 adiZero, with the leather version being my preferred choice. Both boots are ultralight and offer a fantastic option for players looking for a speed boot.

Leather adizero White Anodized BlueSynthetic F50 adizero White Anodized Blue

Both versions are priced at the same $199, so your decision will be decided by your preferred upper choice: Leather or Synthetic! If you want more details on what differentiates both versions, check out our leather versus synthetic comparison.

Find the Leather version or the Sythetic version now.

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  1. I really like the look of these, especially in the leather! Simple, yet stylish. I think the thing that makes these so attractive is the cyan 'ladder' desing and cyan outsole

  2. Could you please do a rewiew of nike vapor 7 or superfly 3 ?

  3. I wasn't really sure where to ask this but was hoping for some advice. I just bought a new pair of boots (Powercats) and the fit is good length-wise but they feel loose around the ankle (even though they're tied really tight) and it makes it feel like my ankle could turn any moment, is there any way to tighten it up? I wore an ankle protector which helped a little but still not quite right. Usually I'd give up on them but they are so damn nice to strike the ball in!

    • Try wearing two pairs of socks. If you can afford giving up a little extra room in your boot. Try wearing an ankle height sock, then putting your normal soccer sock over that. See if that tightens up the area.

    • soccercleats101

      That is a tough one! I can see your dilemma. They are a very good boot to wear, are they the right size length wise? I would have advised wearing ankle protector. After that, I am not sure there is much you can do. Have you noticed the same problem with other boots?

  4. Actually, Bryan there is a Prime version of this colorway. Just thought I would let you know. Great reviews by the way.

  5. These shoes are mighty fresh although it is within my opinion that the color combinatio of black and lime green is more pleasing to the eyeballs

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