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Adidas F50 adiZero in Metsilver/Infrared Released

Adidas F50 adiZero MetSilver

Next up in the Adidas F50 adiZero Leather series comes this pretty tasty looking Metsilver/Infrared/Black colorway. If there was a look that emphasized exactly what the current F50 series is all about, this would be it! The Metsilver represents “newness”, with the miCoach system creating a completely fresh experience. The Red represents Adidas desire to create a “dangerous boot”, built around the ideals of speed. While the Black represents “consistency” – and that is something we have seen right through the life span of the F50!

In truth, I find this release to be one of the better looking in the current F50 series. The mix of Red detailing meshed with a Metallic Silver upper creates a very sleek look that’s bound to garner attention on any pitch. As we await the release of the new F50 series, one has to wonder if this is the final colorway release in the current range? If it is, Adidas has definitely saved one of the best for last!

Retail wise, this colorway hits the market at $209.99, and is currently available at

Metsilver Red F50 adiZero

Having recently tested the F50 adiZero miCoach, I just love the feeling as the ball connects with the leather upper, you can actually feel the ball cushion as it impacts your foot! At 6oz, there is no doubting the boot is designed for speed. And adding the concept of performance tracking makes these a very appealing overall package. The miCoach chip does a good job of capturing your data through play and the benefits of seeing how you performed can help you improve your game. It sits very comfortably in the cavity of the boot and you will have no idea it is there through wear.

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Metallic Silver adiZero

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  1. For some reason it looks like orange instead of red to me.

  2. They are running out of colourways. This Metsilver/Orange is duplicated from the previous F50 release.

  3. Hi Bryan,

    When will the new f50 adizero micoach colourway blue, green and white be released?

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