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Adidas F50 adizero: Leather vs Synthetic

Adidas Adizero Leather Synthetic

After reviewing the Synthetic version and the Leather version of the Adidas F50 adizero, many of you were keen to know how they performed against each other. Well, without making you all wait any longer, here is the full scoop and a simple comparison of both boots side by side. Let me start of by saying that no images do the Chameleon version justice, including the image above that really doesn’t capture the real colors and details seen on the cleat.

There are several differences between both upper materials that give them their own distinct advantages, so I have broken it down into different areas:

Size: The Synthetic version fits slightly longer and wider than the leather version. I can confirm after swapping them on and off, that the leather version is a lot more snug from first wear. Over time, the leather stretches giving you a little extra room. Synthetic is typically not designed to stretch, so allowing them to have a larger fit means you don’t have to worry as much about discomfort while breaking them in.

Weight: Adidas use a single layer Sprintskin upper in the Synthetic version meaning you are getting a lighter boot. In terms of weight, there is 0.2oz weight difference and that really is not a great difference on a normal cleat. But if you are after the complete lightweight package, you are going to want the Synthetic version. Realistically, you are not going to notice any difference in weight.

Style: The biggest difference in terms of style lies in the fact that the Synthetic version has a shiny finish, while the Leather version has lined stitching along the front. When you look at both boots you can clearly see the difference. One other difference is the fact that the leather version has a less metallic look than the more smooth looking Synthetic version. This is evident in the pictures.

Leather Adidas F50 Adizero Adidas F50 adizero Synthetic

Feel: Even though the Synthetic version is extremely smooth looking, it comes with Grip’n Groove technology across the entire boot. These are the same type of rivets that are seen on the Jabulani ball and add a little extra feel to the boot. The leather version feels just as you would expect. It is a Galeo Cow leather that is treated at the leather tannery to form a surface that’s soft, lightweight and breathable. While wearing them, you will notice that the leather version bends with the contours of your feet unlike the Synthetic which kind of folds onto itself.

Support: The leather version offers more protection as the upper material is a lot thicker than the Synthetic. With that being said, Adidas have chosen to exclude the internal TPU support bands, which are designed to offer increased stability and support, from the leather version. Either way, you are getting protection and support, just in different ways.

Summary: Before anyone starts to comment asking which version is better, I will tell you now that it is all down to personal preference. If you prefer leather boots and want to spend some time molding them to your feet then go for the leather version. You will also have the advantage of a little extra padding across the strike zone. But if you want the complete speed package with the added bonus of Grip’n Groove technology and a Sprintframe, the synthetic version is the right choice for you!

Check out the full Synthetic range
Check out the full Leather range

Whichever version you do decide to go with, leave a comment below letting us know why you choose it and how it turns out!

Adizero Leather vs Synthetic

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  1. hey guys, need some help…i currently have size 11 adizero's, they have about a pinkie fingers width of space at the toe which is perfect for me so what size should i get in the leather version so it fits the same? 11.5? please somebody reply!:) thanks!

  2. umm.. just asking…

    how come some adizero’s tongue shows ‘f50′ and some shows ‘mach 4’???

    like in this one :

    is there a difference and should i or should i not buy these adizero from ebay?

  3. I don't have the answer to that one, but it could be a personalized version? Are there any players in Australia named Mach by any chance? if anyone else knows leave a comment for Ryan.

  4. TO RYAN

    I wondered the same thing but in some eurosport catalogs some of the adizeros (mostly ones designed for messi) have the mach 4 thing on the tongue its strange i know and if you want more prove going to, type in adizero in the search and they have gallerys of each boot you'll find some of the adizeros have the mach 4 thing also

  5. hi bryan

    i have wide feet(extremely wide)and i wanted to know that does the leather version stretches enough for those who have wide feet(will it become wider)?or i have to buy the synthetic version?help me please!

  6. PS.

    I´m thinking about the leather versions

  7. I wear a size 6½ in predators x (small feets i know) so what size should i get in adizeros???

  8. Hey Bryan i was wondering if the grip-n-grooves on the synthetic version help ith accuracy,shooting..etc?

  9. Which version does gareth bale wears?synthetic or leather.hey bryan is there anything like the ball slips in wet conditions on synthetic adizeros

  10. Synthetic . Why ? SPEED .

  11. If only they had hybrid versions for the leather version…

  12. hey sunny there is a leather sg hybrid, but only in the white black and pink colour

  13. hey bryann

    will the leather adizeros be more or less like the adidas predator X in size ?



  14. hey, i was just wondering how the touch and feeling the synthetic is compared to leather ? And which would be better for a central midfielder?


  15. @Jules

    all my street shoes are a size 10

    my preds are 10.5

    i had 3 adizeros they were all 10 (synthetic)

    i guess its true what they say they DO run half a size big

    but everyones foot is different

  16. i wear size 11.5US in my Adipure 3. what size should i get for adizero leather and synthetic?

  17. I don't if this has anything to do with it but if you notice the ebay picture supplied by ryyaaaannn they only have have of the boot stiched whereas the one being review go's all the way to the heel counter

  18. kyle, it depends on which you prefer i am a central midfielder and i go with the leather (just my preference)

  19. which one is more durable?

  20. I have always stuck to leather cleats. They are more comfortable, feel better on my feet. However, two years ago I felt daring and tried my first pair of synthetic cleats. Although, I will admit they are a little less comfortable, and do not really ever "mold" to your foot, they lasted so so so much longer than any pair of cleats I ever had. Every pair of my leather cleats barely made it through a season without rips and tears. Now my synthetic ones last me a good two seasons, before I decide to replace them (not because of rips/tears, just want to upgrade to new ones). Hope this helps!

  21. These look awesome! I'm gonna get me one of each so get the advantages of both.

  22. I had the synthetic adizero ii’s and right at the toe joint for my big toe on both feet the material started to crack. I think that the leather adizeros would be a better choice, but thats just my opinion. Oh and by the way, i had had them for 3 months when that happened.

  23. Just wondering, is the synthetic upper more durable than the leather upper? Or are they about the same?

  24. what should a deffender wear?

  25. where can i find a pair of the leather to try on?

  26. The biggest problem with synthetic cleats is that it turns very sticky to the ball in hot humid weather, specially is the ball is synthetic as well. Myself and many members on my team has follen down while trying to dribble the ball with this new cleats.
    Thank you

  27. What do you recommend for passing?

  28. I got the additas f50 for my daughter she has flat foot and wide. I read that this would be more roomy for her. But I head that on hot day because is syntactic it would burn her foot? I'm very confuse. Help ?

    • If she plays on turf, where conditions are very hot, there is a chance she will notice the soleplate heating up and causing discomfort. But, this is related to the fact that the soleplate is so thin – something you are likely to encounter with most boots released on the market these days!

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