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FRS Review For Soccer Players

One question I have been meaning to tackle in recent times is whether or not FRS is suitable for soccer players. If you are not familiar with FRS it is the energy drink that athletes like Lance Armstrong and Derek Fisher swear by and use while competing at the highest level. FRS, which stands for Free Radical Scavengers is designed to extend the body’s natural energy and help you to recover quicker by removing the unwanted free radicals that delay recovery and can initiate muscle soreness and injury after hard workouts and games.

Need All Day Energy?

My Personal Experience of FRS:

One reason I am interested in writing this review is because I actually got to test FRS as an athlete in college. While at UCSB in 2005, we were asked to test out the FRS range while competing and give feedback. At that time, the range included the 32oz Orange concentrate and also some smaller versions of the orange flavor in bottles. These seem to have been replaced by the cans. The 32oz bottle has around 16 servings per bottle, but I seemed to go through one bottle per week! I personally used the product for around 6 months, through the 2005 fall season and into winter/spring. For me, FRS was a great addition to my daily workout regime. I really enjoyed using it and I personally experienced its benefits. I would drink it before and after practice, and during that season I was probably at the peak of my fitness. Taste wise, it is pretty similar to Orange juice, and as long as the water is cold it is easy to drink. Being a college student, when my supply ran out I could not afford to get anymore, but if I had had the money I would have kept using it. One of the benefits to the drink is that it works to break down the free radicals that run through your body after you work out, leaving your muscles feeling weak and, at some points, sore. So overall, my personal opinion is that there is benefit to FRS and it does work to help soccer players who are eating healthy and working hard in practice in games. Using it after practice and games helped my body recover faster, and that is important to anyone hoping to be an athlete at the top level.

So, for the scientific stuff and what you need to know!
The Key ingredient is Quercetin
Quercetin is a natural plant flavonoid found in the skin of certain fruits and leafy plants. It is a  powerful antioxidant, an anti allergen and an anti-inflammatory. It is found in the likes of grapes, apples and most berries. Your endurance improves when mitochondria numbers in cells is increased, this is traditionally only capable through exercise and fitness training. But Quercetin has been shown to help regenerate this cell mitochondria and thus it has the ability to impact endurance levels, as long as it is accompanied by a healthy diet and good exercise habits! Another thing is that testing by military has shown that Quercetin, when combined with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C as in FRS, has anti viral-effects, increases energy and enhances mental acuity.
What else is in FRS?
A combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and metabolic enhancers to support absorption.
Is FRS safe to use as an athlete? Are there any illegal substances?
FRS is completely safe for use by athletes. It is non-toxic and has been tested by the National Institutes of Health at levels significantly higher than the doses found in FRS. FRS contains no banned ingredients and only a small amount of caffeine. Lance Armstrong, the most scrutinized athlete in history, used FRS during the Tour de France. Derek Fischer, member of the 2009 LA Lakers championship team, has used FRS consistently during the last three basketball seasons.

FRS is available in several forms:

Although I recommend FRS, I am not familiar with the ordering process for the product. One great thing is that if you are interested in getting a free trial of the product to test out for yourself you can do it right now! The process includes using a credit card, but this is only used if you decide to continue ordering some of the FRS products. It is technically a free trial! If you are ready to go test out FRS go directly to the Free Trial page!

Finally, if you have used FRS or have any comments/advice for others please leave a comment. Do you think that FRS is suitable for soccer players to use?

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  1. Brennan from Vermont

    I have been using frs for a couple months…thus far it does seem to work. I feel like my mind is clearer and sharper. I'll wake up and take the concentrate out of the fridge, mix up a quickie, pound it, and in a few minutes rocknrollin…my first match using it i felt like an a good way.things just clicked better…felt as if i was focusing more intently on the game. I dont feel any sort of crash, but you will feel the kick when you start the day with least i did.I also feel as if it helps my overall well being, all that being said, try it out youll be happy you did.

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