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Puma V1.10 vs Adidas Predator X

V1.10 vs Predator XOne of the most common questions I have got through feedback over the past few months has been related to how the Puma V1.10 compares to the Adidas Predator X, and which I think is better. It is hard to say which one I think is better as they are completely different cleats, and everybody has their own opinions of what works for them. But I can list some of the key differences between the cleats, including a description of the shape of the Puma V1.10 that a lot of people ask about, to help you decide for yourself. (Click on any of the images to see full size)

Shape and Size
Both Adidas and Puma have stuck with the shape of each cleats predecessor. Adidas have changed up the Predator X by deciding to go without a tongue. This has left a huge divide between fans, with some liking the new design, while others are opposed. The change leaves the Predator X looking more like the adiPURE. I prefer the change-up for one reason, I have experienced the wrap around lace tearing before, leaving my cleats with a ‘floppy’ tongue! Puma, on the other hand, have not made many changes to their ‘boxed’ toe design (see image below). This is something that I am not extremely fond of, and it seems to take a half size from the cleat (if you order these cleats, order a half size up!). If you compare the picture of the two cleats, you will see how the Puma V1.10 angles to a point at the big-toe, while the Predator X has more of a round top design. Puma have stitched the upper to the sole, meaning a the V1.10 is an extremely durable cleat. The stitching does make for a different front design as it raises the cleat slightly up. The Predator X comes down at a more sharp angle.

Adidas Predator X AbovePuma v1.10 Above

The materials used in both cleats are extremely different. Adidas have chosen to move away from Kangaroo leather and instead moved to a full grain calf leather that they have names ‘Taurus’. Taurus properties combine softness with lightweight durability and weatherproof features. On the other hand, Puma use a lightweight microfiber and also a mesh textile in other areas. Puma have stitched the upper to the sole, and helps keep the cleat well attached. If you have ever worn a cemented cleat you will have noticed that in areas it lifts off the sole, and in some cases it comes apart. This is one of the huge benefits to the Puma V1.10 that allows it to have a longer lifespan.

The weight of a cleat gives an indication of who it is designed for. The Puma V1.10 weighs in at a super light 8.2oz, while the Predator X weighs in at 11.2oz. Using a lightweight microfiber instead of a leather takes away a lot of weight. Puma also use Carbon fibers and a lighweight Pebax outsole to decrease weight throughout the cleat. As a comparison to other cleats, the lightest currently on the market is the Nike Superfly that weighs in at 6.8oz, while the Nike Total 90 range weighs in at 11.4oz.

ConclusionPredator vs V1.10 Sole
These cleats are quiet the opposite and offer completely different options for soccer players. The Puma V1.10 is a superlight cleat that has been designed for quick wingers and forward players. Nicolas Anelka is a prime example of who these cleats are designed for. You will not be surprised when I tell you who the Adidas Predator X is designed for, playmakers and decision players. As a staple of the range, David Beckham opitimizes who these cleats are designed for. In saying that, it is hard not to class these as an all over the field cleat. I have tested these as a winger and had great success!

If you looking to get yourself a pair, you can find the Puma V1.10 and the Adidas Predator X over at

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  1. Both these shoes look great. Im looking forword to the outdoor season when I can these. But I would also like to know the advantages and disadvanteges of lighter shoes.

  2. Hey Shea,

    That is a very valid question, a lot of the latest releases have been focused on how 'light' the cleat is, but is this an advantage or a disadvantage? Especially if you go in on hard challenges!

    I will get to work on putting a post together to answer your question in the next week or two! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey Shea's comment is great I was greatly interested in that too. I was also wondering on how the stud design affects the performance of the cleat. For example why above does the V1.10 have 5 studs in the heel compared to the typical 4 stud design on the Predator X. Keep the posts coming Bryan!

  4. Thanks Jimbo,

    I am working on reviewing a pair of Vapor V's right now, so they will be a compliment to a post on the weight of cleats…hopefully sooner rather than later! In terms of stud design, Puma state that they have designed the pointy blades to improve surface impact, the only difference I noticed was when stopping. With the Puma V1.10 seem to lock into the ground a lot more, and they dont 'slide' as much. BUt in terms of acceleration and running I didn't notice a difference!

  5. I purchased a pair of Predator X (after much delay). I don't like the design and fit into the category of one who loved the old style and dislikes the new. I have a pair of the powerswerve and love them, but like others, they have worn and the strap broke on one of the tongues.

    To get to the point the new Pred X hurt my feet something fierce. They feel much tighter in the mid-foot region and the low profile design hurts my arch (I have a high arch and DON'T have narrow feet). I even coached a whole game from the sidelines on the grass in the cleats and I swear my feet and legs hurt that night and next day.

    I love PUMA cleats, still have a pair of V-konstrukt first series and they are great minus the fact the leather stretched so much I can't tighten the laces enough. So I was looking at the new V 1.10 to see if they would solve the problem with my new cleats. (Bought the new Konstrukts and returned them next day they were horrible.)

    I am going to return the Pred X and want to know if the PUMA V1.10 will fit my not so narrow and high arch feet? It looks like the PUMA are for flat feet? I also tried the CTR 360 but they are SUPER narrow. So thats where I'm at. I guess I could buy another pair of powerswerves but just wanted something new. Any help would be great.

  6. Nate,

    First thing, I found the Puma V1.10 to fit very tight. They do suit wide feet around the front of the foot, but the heel and midsole are tight! If you read my review you will see what I'm talking about.

    My recommendation for players with wide feet is the Under Armour Dominate. The midsole might also suit your high arch profile (here is a review… A second option would be the Nike T90 II range (not the new ones released but the II version). Include the fact that they are hugely discounted a the mo and they might be worth getting.

    I also liked the Puma V-Konstruct, and if you wanted to wait a few weeks, Puma have a new release coming out that you might be interested! I have not tested them yet, but I hear they are wide fitting? More on these in the next few weeks.

    Hope this helps!

  7. I thought about mentioning it because I thought that would be the suggestion, but I also have a pair of Total90 Laser II, Varstiy red. I tore a tendon in my ankle wearing these cleats. They feel too tight in the mid-foot, (no clue why they say they fit wide) and sit too high for firm ground cleats. Wore them 3 times, worst mistake for me. I have the previous 2 versions of the total 90s and they fit great. I'll try on the under armor but at 11.7 oz that is like running with sandbags on your feet .

    Guess I'll wait for the new Puma cleats and see what they are about. My feet aren't that wide I guess the arch has alot to do with it. Lots of ankle issues, I have to have the high ankle support that preds offer and most Puma cleats offer. Thanks for the advice. I just wish I was a pro-athlete and had specialist come messure my feet and make cleats just for me. Oh to dream…..

  8. Nate,

    I am sorry to hear you have had some ankle issues, no fun for sure! I know what you mean about the T90 Laser II in the midsole, primarily caused by the fact that the front cover is immovable! I have a pair of T90 III's on the way for testing, I will let you know how they fit.

  9. Do the Total90 laser II, fit just as well in the width as, the new laser III ?

  10. what size should i get in the adidas predator x? i wear a size 10.5 us in vapor 4 and a size 10 in vapor 4 superlights and both leave a little bit of room maybe like half of a centimeter which i like

  11. Hey Bryan,

    I am doing a research paer for a senior english class over the top cleats made and sold. so far i have noticed the top 2 favored brands are puma and adidas. they almost fill the top ten list of cleats. the only other competetor is nike. what is your opinion?

    I have also noticed that the top 3 cleats in the last 40 top 10 list i've looked at are made with kangaroo leather or carbon fiber as their main componenet. why is this?

  12. Hey K,

    The top three are Adidas, Nike and Puma (in that order), below these are the likes of Reebok, Lotto, Diadora and now Under Armour and they have some releases that rank in the top 10.

    The reason they use Kangaroo leather is because it has suitable properties for the rigors of soccer. First, it is very dependable and wont rip easily, it is also light and durable. Another great thing about Kangaroo leather is that has the ability to keep water out…ensuring your cleats last if you take care of them properly.

    Companies have started to use synthetic material more, as they develop and optimize it for performance in the top ranges. They use this type of material for its lightweight properties…you just need to look at the Nike Superfly as an example of how companies are cutting down on the weight of cleats.

    I hope this helps, and best of luck with your paper!

  13. Hey Bryan

    What do you think of the Adidas predator X DB? (David Beckham version)

    At the moment I am using the Puma v.1.08, which is a really good boot. My only concern is the tip – too big and clumsy. I prefer a light weight boot in micro fiber because of the fact that leather boots needs to be taken care of all the time – and off course because of the weight. Besides from the Puma light weight boot I have also tried Vapors. They tore the skin of my heals, so I don't want to go down that road again.

    Do you think the David Beckham version of the Predator in micro fiber would be a good choice for me?

  14. hi i have a pair o F30i and they just about fit my wide foot after some though breaking in i was thinking to get puma v1.10 trick's but will they be thighter than th F30i

  15. Dear Bryan,

    Do you think the "box toe area" on the puma v1.10's affect a normal persons strike zone?

    Dose the "powerspine" on the adidas predator x actually work?

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