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Nike Mercurial Superfly II versus Miracle

One of the most common questions I have been receiving lately resolves around the subject of how the Nike Mercurial Miracle compares to the technologically advanced Nike Mercurial Superfly II.  Having reviewed both in the past few months (Miracle review and Superfly II review) I can tell you that there are positives to both cleats, leaving it down to personal preferences and what you can afford. The Superfly II has all the technological advances, but the Miracle is a much better option for players on a tight budget. It offers great comfort and support, while looking extremely similar to its older brother for less than 1/3rd of the price!

With this in mind, I thought it would be beneficial to bring you some pics of both boots in action at one time. Below, you will see some pictures of me wearing one Superfly II cleat and one Miracle cleat at the same time (both are in the Dark Obsidian/White/Cool Mint). The images have been taken from a distance, with the purpose of showing you how they will look to other players standing around you. I’m not going to tell you which one is on what foot, but let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you can tell the difference.

Nike Superfly II versus Miracle

Sprinting Nike Superfly II and Miracle Superfly II and Miracle

Nike Superfly II and Vapor Miracle Nike Superfly II and Miracle

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  1. I think the right pictures are the superfly and the left are the miracles…

  2. Who cares, really? Now with adizeros vapors can just hide under a rock with their ridiculous price.

  3. Thanks for the pictures, how did they feel? Most of us can't get a hand on each shoe so a write up would help.

  4. I'll go with Adizero and Joma Super Coppa 😀

  5. Joma is the best.

  6. the right foot is the superfly, and the left is the miracle cleat. in the left row on the bottom you can see the triangle shaped cut in the studs on the right foot, and none on the left.

  7. gagal pertamaX :hammer:

    the right boot is superfly II the left one is miracle…

    if vapor is good then adizero is better but adiPure is the best…:p

  8. RIght boot is definately superfly, right colum middle pic, you can clearly see the superfly stuff, whereas there isnt any one the left boot 😀

  9. i agree the left is definetly the miracle n the right is the superfly

  10. i like the vapors better than the adizeros because the cheap adizeros are crappy material and the cheap vapors are the same as the superflys leather. plus i tried mercurial victory and the adizero and the victory is about 10 time more comfy. plus the insole on the adizero is like a peice of paper also scruching up. the vapors seem to be more comfortable and durable but not as light. And the adizero seems like they took 1/10 of an inch of leather and rapped it on a stud plate. So i would suggest the mercurial miracle because it is light, comfortable, and cheap. and the adizero has cheap leather that will rip in 3 traingin sessions and it still wont break in. screw that 5.8 ounces of overrated crap.

  11. Right foot is wearing superfly, the flywire is so obvious.

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